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How can I let go of this guilt?

I was a horrible person in middle school. I hung out with a group of girls who thought they were absolutely everything, and then some, and I adopted that way of think as well. There was one girl in our group who we tormented. Looking back on it, I see that she was just so much more mature than us. But back then, I saw a girl who didn't wear Hollister or Abercrombie or carry Dooney and Burke or Kathy van Zeeland bags. She actually wore really cute clothes, just not the kind we were used to. But we were so mean to her, then we'd be nice to her and tell her that our meanness was just a 'test' and when she trusted us again, we'd go right back to the tormenting.

I still feel terrible for how I acted. I talked to her a couple of years ago (we're seniors at different high schools now) and apologized for how I treated her, and she accepted the apology, but I still feel so bad. I don't want to be a weirdo and randomly message her something like, "hi, I'm one of the girls who made you miserable while you were already going through tough times. Well I still feel bad, so message me back so I'll feel better!" And I've run into her a couple of times, and it's been awkward. I actually want to be a true friend to her now, because we really do have a lot in common. We both act and want to be in plays and films. She's the only other person I know who really wants to pursue that, and I'd like to have a friend who can understand where I'm coming from. But how can I make this happen?

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    You can message her and just say you want to hang out. Just like that. If she says okay, then meet her and talk. If she says no thanks, then move on and let her be. Good luck.

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