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David Fincher v. Christopher Nolan?

Who is better and why?

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  • Andrew
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    Both are 2 of my favorite directors of all time.

    I got to go with Chris Nolan for the following reasons

    *Nolan typically has a greater hand in the creation of the story and script than Fincher

    *Nolan, in my mind, is more consistent. While many were big fans of Benjamin Button and Zodiac, I found those two movies to be decent but not great. They kinda dragged a bit in my opinion.

    *Both obviously make intellectually engaging and challenging films, but I think Nolan gets the edge on this point. Nolan's "smart" movies I felt were more ambitious than Fincher's.

    However, both are fantastic directors. I can't wait for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and TDKR, respectively.

  • Both are fantastic directors, top 10 stuff for me. I'll go with Christopher Nolan, as I think overall, he was been more consistent and his movies are far better by a bit. David Fincher has 3 masterpieces: Se7en, Zodiac and Fight Club, whilst Christopher Nolan's never made a movie with a flaw in it. I also think he's more consistent as well.

  • 10 years ago

    I prefer Fincher. I can watch his movies over and over again and still enjoy them.

    Christopher Nolan's good, but his movies are too hyped up and overrated. I've seen TDK once and I really don't have a desire to see it again. I'll likely rent it again before I watch the next Batman movie just to refresh my memory.

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