Contemplating upgrading my 320GB 7200RPM HDD to a 128ish SSD?

I am considering buying an SSD on black friday or during the holiday season. I am hoping to spend around $200 and get as many GB as possible. Realistically I expect 120,128 and "maybe" a 160GB.

I just upgraded my T400 to 8GB ram. I know it is overkill but it wasn't much more than going from 3-4 so I went 3-8.

My computer booted in 85 seconds with 3GB ram and not it boots in about 65 seconds. (Maybe it was not that drastic but it was marginally noticeable) I feel like my computer is pretty snappy right now. How much of a difference will I see by installing an SSD? Are my price/GB expectations unreasonable?


Space is not an issue. I keep things on my HDD right now that I would have no problem getting rid of.

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  • 9 years ago
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    ssd are extremely fast and much better than any other at the moment the read and write data much faster so if storage becomes a problem use the other as a back up drive and put things like the os and things you use most on the ssd

    read this

    also if you ever drop your ssd drive non of the data will ever be lost because there is no spinning of a disk also it will lower heat considerably

  • 9 years ago

    SSD's arn't worth the hype at the moment. And you really wouldn't notice a BIG difference with anything but boot time. I have a 64GB SSD boot drive that's too small for my tastes, but boots my Win7 Quad Core setup in less than 22 seconds.

    8GB if you use your computer to do things like game or Photoshop. 8GB in some cases is too little, and with dropping prices I might be doing 4GB to 16GB.

    Like I always say, try , not here as the people know computers way better there than the majority of the people on here.

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