How can I get more photography business?

I am a photographer living in the Midlands and I have been doing the odd bit of work over the years from weddings, birthday parties and christenings. I have a full time job, so this has always been a bit more of a extra income deal. I have always liked the idea of taking it further and getting more clients but life got in the way for a while (i had a baby and pregnancy was not fun) and I am just picking things back up.

I have recently worked on a wedding followed by a christening and it has made me hungry to do more. I love taking photographs and love being part of someones big day. The thing is, I am wondering what will be the best way for me to get myself out there more.

For the jobs I have done previously, I have relied heavily on word of mouth, but there is only so much work I can get from that. I have created a new Facebook page solely for my work and have recently had some enquiries regarding prices etc.

But despite this, I am eager to increase my workload a bit more and hopefully turn this into my full time career and give up the day job.

Any ideas how I can get myself out there and get more work?

And any tips on creating my own studio at home?

Thanks for help in this. :)

Update: for my work sounds good. Now....Where do I go to create a website that doesnt cost anything (Or much) but that stands out and looks good.

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    I run a decent photography business solely through facebook. Mind you, I specialize in music photography (concerts and promotional photos for bands) but trust me, once you get more traffic on facebook, things will take off, and you may not need to create a site. I would suggest creating an online portfolio, however. Deviantart offers a really nice portfolio service with minimal branding on your actual site. You can create separate portfolios for the various types of work you do as well, whether it be weddings, christenings, etc.

    As for creating a studio at home, you're definitely going to need a spare room with a decent amount of space. Check out some light kits online too. I would suggest or amazon. Both offer a range of options from affordable to professional. You should also invest in a backdrop of some sort, even if it is a plain white one. Backdrops can also be fairly affordable, but make sure you buy the correct size for the type of photography you plan on doing (i.e. don't buy a small backdrop for family portraits!)

    Hope that helps =] I started my own photography business earlier in the year, and through some pretty aggressive networking, I have pretty regular business.

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  • 8 years ago

    If you want to get into business, you need to invest.

    Decent webhosting will cost you anywhere from 10$ - 35$ a month for the type of usage you will make but then you need to create a website ... so you might want to go with a "all in one " deal like SmugMug or Wix.

    A domain name will cost you 60$ every 2 years (more or less, depends on the upper domain).

    After that, you'll need to invest heavily in advertising. I hot the wedding shows twice a year.

    You'll also need some business cards, price lists, portfolios, contracts ...

    Running a photography business isn't like running a lemonade stand ...

    Now if you want to have a studio at home, you'll need to check out the local zoning laws and business laws (business licences and the likes) as well as insurance since your home insurance will not cover commercial usage then you'll need to invest in some lighting, backdrops, modifiers ...

    Sit down and do a proper business plan ... right now, your setting yourself up to fail from the start.

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  • 8 years ago

    Create a website with examples of your photography. Network network network!

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  • 8 years ago

    spread your stuff around the internet

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