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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureHolidaysRamadan · 9 years ago

Ramadan sec falistine and israel?

Can some one pleas explain this whole thing to me im really just confused why is their a war between them and why is palestine not on the map when i look on google images salam

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  • 9 years ago
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    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Kingdom of England possesed entire Middle East including Philistine. King of England promised Jews to give them their homeland if they will help in the world war second. Jews did lot of spying work for UK and helped England win the war and Germany was almost completely destroyed that killed millions of Jews out of hatred for them. Bertrand Russell philosopher of England said, UK gave the land of Palestinians to Jews that UK didn't even own it. That was the greatest injustice done to Palestinian Muslims.

    In 3rd century AD Romans killed half the jews in Jerusalem for Jewish uprising against Roman rule and they kicked the remaining Jews out of Philistine never to return back to this city again. It was Khalifa Omar bin Khattab who thought it was injustice to Jews being the worshipers of one God to be thrown out of their birth city. So he opened the city for Jews to come back to. Muslims and Jews lived together for centuries so peacefully that Jewish and Muslim mothers did baby sitting for children of both groups. Majority of Jews who were settled in Europe, Iran, Moroco, Russia did not come back to live in Jerusalem. In 18th century one Jew founded zionist organization which has nothing to do with Jewish religion. Today most religious Jews hate Zionists. One of their groups in Europe never even visit Jerusalem. They were against the formation of Israel and said creating Israel will be beginning of the destruction of Jews. Any way Jews who came from Poland, Russia and most of the Europe have nothing to do with religion. They came and settled in Israel for free land and a place they can call their homeland. They are heartless people. They started terrorizing Palestinian Muslims by bombing their homes and business. So majority of them flew out of their homes to Jordon, Lebanon, Syria etc. for life hoping that when thee will be peace they will come back to their homes. But soon all their homes and agricultural lands and businesses were occupied by Jews. When Palestinians returned and showed proof of their ownership of homes and businesses, Israeli courts denied their ownership calling all land of Israel is theirs because they owned it for thousands of years back. England had given them only easter portion and city of Jerusalem was given to Muslims with all the western area. Jews occupied Jerusalem and all western Fillistine in war of 1967 which was started by stupid Nasir President of Egypt. Palestinians resident had no power to start a war.

    Since then Jews have killed lot more than million men, women and children in occupied lands of Philistine with the 100% support in supplying them arms by USA because Jewish lobby in USA is so much in controll of US Congress and Senate that even President of USA fears Jewish Organization in USA. Today US reserve Bank and all other banks associated with Reserve Bank are owned by Jews. US Government is debt of these banks in trillions of dollars and is paying close to 375 million dollars every day as I heard few weaks ago on tv. So Israel is backed and financed by the world super power USA to do what ever it wants to Palestinians.

    Entry in Masjid-e-Aqsa (Dome of the Rock) for Friday prayers is controlled by Israeli army. More than 2 million Muslims used to pray on Friday in this Masjid. Now Israeli forces allow only old people every Friday to enter in this Mosque totalling less than one hundred thousand. Palestinian Imam of our Masjid in California tells us this story all the times. Israel has no intention to give Palestinians a state of their own. In fact they have plans to capture all Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and up to northern Arabian Peninsula when they will be strong enough to start war against Muslims. They have plan to destroy Dom of the Rock Masjid. They have already dug lots of tunnels under the Masjid to make it easier to destroy it when ever they will decide by simply planting lots of bombs in those tunnels.

    All surrounding Muslim states including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Moroco, Tunisia are in full control of USA. So they can not dare to side with Palestinians to fight to free their lands. Since all Muslim countries are in sleep one day Israel will demolish Masjid Aqsa (Dome of the Rock) hoping none of Muslim states will dare to fight Israel and they will built their biggest Temple in place of this Masjid.

    My answer must have reached to limit of words allowed so I must stop now.

    May Allah guide us all to remain on the straight path of Islam.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1-The Jews of bani Israel lived in Palestine(Holy land) a long time ago and God put them in exile,and told them that it is forbidden for them have a Jewish state again on the holy land but they can live in it.

    2-In Islam God said that Israel shall have two rises one in prophet Solomons time which it will reach the golden age(rule the world from Jerusalem) and another which rise but it will not reach the golden age again,this is the second time,from Israel the antichrist shall rise claiming at first to be a leader then the Messiah Jesus,then God himself,and the fight between the Dajal(antichrist) and the Mahdi and Jesus(Al) and it will end there.

    3-Jews believe that they have the right to that land and they are waiting for the Messiah to come(Jesus) which to us is the antichrist,and he has to bring Israel to the golden age again(rule Israel from Jerusalem),and they think that Israels borders are from the Nile to the Euphrates.

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    4 years ago

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