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入料管製作T型入料管法蘭直接頭法蘭接頭 灑水輔助系統 灑水系統前端主體灑水系統後端主體灑水系統後端接頭灑水系統前端灑水管灑水系統後端灑水管灑水系統後端純水管灑水前端固定座灑水後端純水:U型螺絲

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    • feeding tube production

    • T-type feeding tube

    • Straight flange

    • Flange connection

    Sprinkler support system

    1. the front of the main sprinkler system

    2. rear main sprinkler system

    3. sprinkler system back-end connector

    4. front-end sprinkler pipe sprinkler system

    5. back-end sprinkler pipe sprinkler system

    6. back-end pure water sprinkler system

    7. sprinkler front bracket

    8. back-end sprinkler water: U-type screw

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