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有想轉到在西雅圖的社區大學 Bellevue Community College


我看過網站上面寫IELIS要5.5級分 我剛好有考到那分數 那我進去還要再獨語言嗎?還是直接可以修大一大二科目! 因為我很怕還要再讀語言 謝謝喔

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    不一定,有時候他們如果看妳的成績單,英文很爛,會建議妳上一些英文課先但沒有強制一定要。。。但是:正式上課前會有 placement exam, 測驗你的英文數學程度。過了才能直接修大一大二的科目!

    English and Math AssessmentWhen you apply for credit classes at BC, you are required to take English and/or math assessments. After you apply for admissions, stop by the Assessment Office to set up your assessment. There is usually no wait time, and assessments are offered on a walk-in (first-come, first-served) basis.

    如果妳這個測驗 screw up,他們有可能還是會送妳到語言學校的~ 所以現在說什麼都還不一定,就要看妳的造化了。

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