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Nick asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 9 years ago

Fantasy Football Wk2: Jeremy Maclin or Devery Henderson? & Joseph Addai or Darren Sproles?

Maclin should be ready to have a big week, while Colston and Moore being out should increase Henderson's production. Addai is up against the Browns defense, and sproles could be a point hog since my league is PPR and points for return yardage.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Moore isn't for sure out so keep an eye out for that. A lot is riding on tomorrows practice. If Moore plays I'd roll with Maclin if Moore doesn't play I'd go Henderson because it'd only be Meachem and Henderson at that point and Brees is going to throw especially since it should be a close game against Chicago. As for your running backs, I'm wait and see on Addai, I know it's the Browns but the Colts offense was GOD awful last week. And I really like Sproles since it's PPR and return yards. I'd roll with Sproles in the RB spot.

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