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Week 2 starts or sits. Brandon Lloyd or Kenny Britt?

Non-PPR, standard scoring league.So these are the guys Im wondering who you would start this week, Brandon Lloyd vs Cin(he has a groin injury, but will likely start), or Kenny Britt vs Baltimore, Or Wes Welker Vs SD? I can choose only two of these. Right now Im going with Lloyd and Welker but if Lloyd's injury gets worse I was thinking Britt.

Also Chris Johnson vs Baltimore or James Starks vs Carolina? this one time I'm thinking Starks might be the wise choice, but unsure.

Sam Bradford vs NYG Or Ryan Fitzpatrick vs OAK?

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    I would personally start britt over lloyd or welker. that said, i would start britt and welker, unless you hear lloyd is really confident about being healthy for cincinnati.

    I understand and could defenitely see starks getting more points than johnson, but you cant not start johnson. There's always the chance he does well against baltimore with his talent.

    Last, go with fitzpatrick. think he has an easier match up against oakland and had an awesome week 1.

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  • 4 years ago

    i might say Marshall with the aid of fact he's ranked quite stable and expected to hav a stable 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. And Kenny britt is likewise greater rated than Mario. i think of they are greater secure to start exceptionally with the aid of fact of Elis accuracy probs.. Which for sure result Mario

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