Fantasy Football Trade Proposal?

A player in my league is offering me

Chad Ochocinco (Patriots WR)


Mario Manningham (Giants WR)

(my team)

What do you guys think? Ochocinco had a terrible week one and Brady had 500+ passing yards. He did throw to the tight ends a lot and Ochocinco is still a threat and will have better games down the road.

Anyway, what would you do?

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    9 years ago
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    I wouldnt give up Mario for Chad. Chad Ochocinco has to compete with Branch, Welker, Gronkowski, and Hernandez. He is a new player on an extremely complex offense and there are too many other stud options giving Ocho the boot. He could be a good receiver down the road but only time will tell. Brady seemed to put his trust in all of the above receivers way before Ocho.

    Mario is the second receiver behind Hakeem Nicks and is a large threat. Hakeem Nicks might be sitting out week 2 bumping Mario to the top and becoming number 1 receiver.

    Personally I think keeping Mario is the smarter decision only because I think Chad is over rated. But all in all its up to you. Good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    I agree with the first guy. Even if Nicks plays this week, Manningham is not only the #2 WR on the Giants, but he's also the slot guy (Steve Smith's old role). Eli will perk up and Manningham should have himself a very good year, although you have to pay attention to matchups.

    Ocho will have his moments, but that offense has too many weapons, and clearly Brady loves using those two TEs. In fact, both TEs are startable just because of the volume of activity each one gets.

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