i need help with Access Florida food stamps?

i can NEVER get a hold of them. EVER! i have called every day for 3 weeks now, and i always get: "all our agents are currently busy, please call back later" and then they hang up, instead of putting you on hold, and i need this or i am screwed! i am a college student living souly on financial aid, and that went down with tuition going up! i need to eat more then bread, noodles and water, can someone PLEASE give me a better number, or email to them, OR ANYTHING! please?


i need the address too. in Tallahassee. and school is technically a job, and that does count b/c i have had food stamps b4!

Update 2:

don't need the rude responses, i cannot get a job and go to classes all day, thank you.

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    Forget the Tallahassee number they intentionally won't answer, get a hold of your "county" children & families dept. If you have a current case # good if not talk with someone who will help you become active again with the online procedures.

    Tallahassee is dominated by the Republicans and they do NOT want to provide socialism for the needy!

    They like Socialism for themselves via the Capitalist that line their pocket books.

    So right now with so many in Florida & the nation trying to get food stamps, which is federally funded the Republicans are trying to make it very difficult to qualify for food stamps.

    Look in your local county govt section of the phone book or google your county depts ph#. Oh and even the county dept automated phones can be a hassle, just keep listening or follow the props to get someone live. another resource dealing with phone systems is gethuman.com

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    10 years ago

    Can't get a job and go to school...please.

    School is not technically a job. Unless you are working 20 hours a week, you do not qualify for food stamps.

    Turn off the internet,cable and your cell phone. None of those are necessities.

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    10 years ago

    They won't allow you to get food stamps unless you work 20 hours per week. You can go to the office to talk to them, but they will tell you the same thing. Get a part time job.

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  • 10 years ago

    Do you know the meaning of work. go find a part time job, that's what most kids do.

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