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PS3 40GB not reading discs?

OK, so I was playing a CVAM- modified CoD MW2 savefile on my PS3 40GB fat, when it crashed, and I reset it from the back (silly me...)

Anyway, I restarted, and launched MW2 from the XMB. When clicking on the game, the screen faded to black as normal, but then stayed black, and I could not use the controller. After about 60 seconds a circular icon appeared in the top-right of the screen, and the PS3 came back to the XMB with this error code:


This is the explanation for it:

An error occured during the start operation; Ps3 game swapped using

the eject function and then play pressed quickly - ps3 game inserted


I have received another error code, but forgotten which one it is, but it said Error Occurred During Start Operation.

I looked back in the Games section, and there is no blue disc icon, when MW2 is still inside. I removed the disc and reinserted it and the auto-start kicked in, and the same thing happened a few times. Then I used a different disc- same problem.

I did a full restore (not through factory service mode)- still no luck.

I tried again today but now the disc doesn't show up all on the XMB, and Auto-Start doesn't work. So, I opened the console up, and replaced the laser, but I ballsed up the plastic part refitting inside, and so it just made a clicking noise when I plugged it in. I used a different drive, with the same bluray board, then a different bluray board- still no luck. So, unless I have 2 faulty lasers, could it be anything else? I really don't want to get Sony involved. The eject functions work, and the drive recognises and spins up the disc- and when it used to get to a black screen on game start yesterday, it made a load of clicking noises as if the disc was scratched. However, it can't be the disc that's scratched as I tried all of my other good condition games too.

What else could it be? The mainboard? The software (I have 3.70, updated it today)? Not enough power going to the drive? All the cables work.

Please help:(


I do believe I used a PS3 60GB disc drive as my second drive.

Update 2:

The 60 gig drive thing just above means nothing- I checked ^^

It doesn't work with downloaded games either.

Sony and I have cracked it: it's not your average faulty laser- in fact it is a fault lying with the processors or another mainboard component. We believe it is the processor though, that has a fault preventing it from booting into the game, in the SPE or Cell Co-Processors that don't need to be active in XMB or non game mode.

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    If your PS3 is not reading discs, more than likely there is a problem with the blu ray laser lens.

    The laser is what reads the disc while it's spinning. It is located inside of the drive in which you insert discs. If the laser goes out, you will be able to turn on your PS3, play all downloaded content, but discs will not read.

    The following page will help you locate the correct laser for your PS3 as well as allow you to order a replacement:

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