For people who have a personal blog: I have some questions?

I am interested in joining the world of Internet blogging, I am just not sure of a few things. I am only interested in personal blogging - nothing else.

If you have a personal blog, what do YOU blog about?

How do you determine what you express on your blog and what not to? If you express really personal thoughts, how do you feel about those being on the Internet?

Is it really safe to express all of one's thoughts and life on a website?

If you change the privacy settings to only allow certain people to see your post/blog, why have one? Why not just tell those people? (I only have one friend I would let into my blog in that case, making having a blog redundant.)

What are some relatively simple blog hosting sites? I don't care about excessive customizing; I really would like just a simple online blog/journal. Photos, maybe some colorful templates, being able to share it, etc. I found Blogspot to be way too much for me.


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    10 years ago
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    I blog on Livejournal. It's an older site, and it's kind of dying/being taken over by Russians, but it fulfills its purposes.

    I blog/journal about my everyday life, keeping track on what I'm up to, commenting on what happened to me, ranting about something that's bothering me. Since there is an audience, it's not the same as a actual journal in that I feel the need to explain some things (like if I'm writing about my brother, I have to start by saying, this is my brother).

    The primary point of my keeping this journal is to process feelings (ranting), and secondary concerns are to keep in touch with a few people and to catalog my life. On livejournal, I am "friends" with a small group of people. Half are people I was close friends with in college, and half are people I only know online. Since Livejournal allows comments, you can build a sort of community, and have discussions about your posts happen. It's a small number because how I have my journal set up -- I generally read the posts of people I'm "friends" with on Livejournal, because I'm curious about what they share about their lives, and a small number is about all I can follow.

    It is a little redundant for people you see everyday to be following your blog, expect for the cases when you want to tell them "look how wittily I can phrase this".

    I have my privacy setting set so that only people who are friends with me can see my posts. I wanted it to be somewhat private, so random people wouldn't judge me. The main reason is to write my feelings down, but it does help to feel like someone's reading and someone cares. If I need to get something super personal off my chest, I have made a couple of private, my eyes only, entries, just to get it written down.

    I think it's fairly safe to express one's thoughts online, so long as you have an eye on the people it would actually affect, like if you're talking about a person, or telling their secrets, or if your employers can read it. Other than those people, there are no new human secrets, so I just tell myself no one really cares. But it helps me to put things in words.

    Livejournal has layout options, and you can post photos. One popular aspect is that you can have a number of smaller icons, so to have a picture for each entry (like a sadface, or a picture to express rage for an angry entry, or a picture for True Blood if you're writing an entry just on your fandom).

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    After 17,000 posts, I figure I've got more than enough material for a three-volume autobiography, not that anyone would read it through or anything. I am a believer in Hiding in Plain Sight; I might conceal somebody else's name now and then, but I have very few secrets of my own. Easier to keep my story straight if I'm not fudging it here and there.

    (I use WordPress, for what it's worth.)

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    10 years ago
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