Vive l'empereur Napoléon Sarkozy !?

The president's agenda does not include, but Nicolas Sarkozy is to embark on Libya on Thursday morning, accompanied by 80 military police, which is totally new in this kind of operation.

Nicolas Sarkozy to Libya on Thursday? The secret is well kept, but the president could take off for the ancient land of Gaddafi on Thursday. We know that the Elysee seeks to reap the fruits of victory of NATO, after a war largely inspired by Paris. Unless unexpected last minute, the time has come.

Logistics is already aligned with a curiosity that is unprecedented in presidential travel: a company of CRS should be directed to place on board a Transall French army. About 80 men, belonging to the CRS based in Quincy-sous-Senard, near Paris, none of which has never been used outside the borders of France. Instruction was given to them to be ready to start around midnight Wednesday, from Evreux, expected return in the night from Thursday to Friday.

Everyone needs to bring 3 liters of water, but meals will be provided by the army. The destination they have not been specifically sent, but each employee will be largely compensated for this day abroad (500 euros). They must leave their uniforms at home, but not their weapons.

The new Libyan authorities have given their approval to host the French police on their soil. Are they really in their role? Until proven otherwise, Libya is not France, not even an overseas department, but the Elysee Palace have decided to bypass the security on behalf of the President. A warlord traveling with the police, it would be unheard of.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Don't worry, this is not made with the intention of leaving the cops there, nor to settle French police in Lybia . This ridiculous little man has taken the habit of moving unheard masses of police forces every time ( and it's not often ) when he makes a visit somewhere INSIDE France .

    In his first visits in French towns after his election he was exposed to shoutings and demonstrations . Since then, he quickly took measures to not hear anything against him . Unlike every previous presidents he forces local and national authorities to extraordinary measures of security, needing incredible numbers of police logistics and cutting whole estates and zonas out of normal life .

    This being in France, I imagine easily if he ever goes to Lybia, where some danger can still exist, he will move a lot . I'm surprised by the little number you mention . I'd expect a quarter of the military and secret services at least . You probably don't know all .

    Logically, very soon, France won't be ashamed and looted by this clown any more .

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  • 9 years ago

    A link to the non US military....... France Yahoo!Answers site is located near the bottom of this page.

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