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Any additional costs for shipping a gift from USA to UK ?


I live in the UK, and i was wanting to order something from USA.

So say i order the stuff i want, I pay for it, pay for delivery, and have it shipped to the UK, will i be charged any additional costs?

I know in Poland for example, if you have a parcel sent from abroad into Poland, Polish Customs will stop it, and will make you pay VAT after establishing the value of the parcel... so if you order a parcel for $1000, you have to pay the polish customs an additional 20% Vat.. ( Wtf )

Does anything like that exist in the UK ? or do i only pay once to the shop i ordered from and thats it? Thanks !

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    It is my understanding that UK customs will hold the package and charge you the additional VAT based upon the declared value of the package. Unless the US vendor deals with shipments to the UK a lot, they're not going to hassle with collecting it ahead of time or anything like that.

    The vendor might have an additional shipping charge for shipping things overseas that might not be reflected on the order web page (their software may not take overseas shipping into account).

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