Question about web designing?

i wanted to ask something

is learning HTML,CSS,JavaScript,server scripting ASP,PHP,DOM,XML and SQL enough to make good websites?


@ Rupesh,NihilProductions,Atticus White and Januardi S,Thanks so much for your answers,they were really Helpful.

I thought web designers had to learn all of these things not just web developers;so i only need to learn HTML and CSS,right?

Also,do i need to learn Photoshop? because i have been told that.

Thanks in advance.

Update 2:

Thanks Amit,that was short and helpful as well.

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    9 years ago
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    If you're interested in web designing you really only need to learn HTML and CSS.

    Javascript can also be necessary depending on your needs, but your understanding of it won't need to be as in depth as you'd need it for full web development.

    Server technologies won't be necessary for web design, unless you plan on diving into full web development, I'd suggest starting small... learn as you go.

    DOM is not a server language... it is the framework of HTML elements. DOM is a document object model, which basically defines what each element of your site is (all the tags -- <div>, <a>, <body>, etc..)

    If you plan on diving into complete web development, then you want to learn some server technology. It won't be necessary to learn multiple types, rather, pick one. I'd suggest learning PHP personally, ASP uses too much .NET overhead that may make things confusing as you transition into learning the basics of HTML.

    If you do PHP you want to learn MySQL. MsSQL and MySQL are pretty much the same, just different syntax operation differences that you'd need to know. SQL will only be necessary to learn if you plan on building dynamic sites with custom functionality a basic sight will not offer.

    I'm sure you won't need to learn XML. XML isn't really something you learn, it's just the format you can read and write data to. It's basically a tree of data, with parent-child relationships of terms. XML will mainly be used when gathering information from third party resources, such as, Google/Facebook/Twitter APIs. But for the most part you'll be dealing with JSON (javascript object notation), which is similar just directly accessible by javascript.

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    • Great answer very informative, be very helpful for beginners

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  • 5 years ago

    One of the benefits of having a professional design created is that you’re able to submit the website to galleries around the web and have it showcased to audiences that you would have otherwise never been in front of. This brings in added traffic, potential clients and also adds to your authority by being talked about across the web and showcased as a professional website. With a professional website design, you’re able to showcase the things you do best if you’re a designer, the design itself showcases your skills and if you’re a writer, you’re able to utilize a great design to highlight areas you excel at maybe setting up a call to action box integrated into the design that lets people know what you do and how they can hire you. This would be much better than just having a site slopped together with no real direction.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think is enough.

    Below is plus answer,.....

    In my opinion, I think, if you want to become web designer, you can learn HTML for basic, CSS for improve yours design,

    Then about Javascript, Server Scripting ASP, PHP, DOM, XML and SQL. That all about web developer.

    So, First, you choose what you want to??? Web designer or Web Developer.

    I think it's hard to learn that much.

    that all.

    I think my answer is not connect with the Question,,


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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    NihilProductions is right... we primarily do web design and lightweight web development:

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes. Though people who write code are called "Web-Developers". People who do the creative side are called "Web-Designers".

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