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    Roger WilliamsPark Zoo in Providence is one of New England's finest zoos. Rhode IslandState Capitol Building Brown University John Brown House,one of the oldest and best preserved historic buildings inProvidence First BaptistChurch Providence Ghost Tour Waterfire

    It takes about35-40 minutes from Providence to Newport. I usually take taxi to Newport. Thetaxi fare is approximately US$80. You can take the shuttle bus from your hotelto Newport. The fare is only US$25, gratuity excluded. If you have achance to visit Newport, DO GO TO THE CLIFFWALK. Sailing tour inNewport is a must. Don’t miss it. The tour is about 2 hours. The price varies.Wear a thick jacket. It’s getting colder in Newport, especially when you are ona boat.

    Source(s): My daughter is in Newport, RI. I have to go there.
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    那想再請教Louis 大大那它原句為啥不用English is "the" language which is spoken all over the world.呢?還是此類句子其實是不能用the的,不然全世界所說的語言就會被限定成只有英文這一種語言了呢?

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    State house, Brown University, also can take a bus to New Port.

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