Assume= ass out of u and me是甚麼

我老師再課堂上講這句話: Assume is ass u & me.

ass 可以翻成 屁股或驢子,可是我還是搞不懂意思。



My Teacher he said: Don't assume sth, coz assume is put an ass out of u n me.

What dose that mean ?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Ass u(you) me,

    Assume就是從你和我而來的字.=ass out of you and me.

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    應該加註一下,Ass you and me:Ass在這裡應做"討厭之人"翻,所以是混蛋,妳和我.

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    He is trying to teach you what "assume" means. The teacher wants you to be assertive, not to assume when asked a question. To assume is to make ass(es) out of you and me.


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    10 years ago

    This is how you remember words.

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    老師上課會說這麼粗魯的話嗎? 會不會是 ace? 想想她是什麼情況下說這句話的?還有你寫出來的有沒有漏字?

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    Jim +1

    Very good!

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