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Why do people believe ghosts exist?

I have always been scared I guess by the thought of seeing a ghost, mainly because I read up a lot about people apparently seeing ghosts and their stories seem pretty believable. However, the only people who have told me stories about ghosts are people who aren't all really 'with it' and my Granddad has told me that these people who claim to have seem ghosts are all daft, he says everything has to have a substance to it and what is there to a 'ghost'? It is just common sense, if 'ghosts' did exist, wouldn't we all potentially be able to experience it? And how come so many non-religious people believe in ghosts but not afterlife? It doesn't make sense...

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    I have never seen a ghost, and I've never met anyone who was all there that saw a ghost. Some people who were total burnouts, and even ex-druggies, constantly claimed that they would see ghosts or see demonic things. But I still haven't heard something like that from someone who's all there.

    I've lived in plenty of houses that were supposedly haunted, and I've hung out in many places that were supposedly haunted. I used to hang out in a park every night where two people killed themselves, and a train derailed and many people died, and It's a fact that a hostile Native American tribe roamed those parts. So there's probably Native American burial grounds there too. I've never seen a ghost there either.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ghost do exist, they are actually spirits with energy. Some of us have more

    energy than others. I have seen things that baffle science. I am a straight

    up guy, intelligent, wise & very analytical of things. Some people can see

    things others cant, its just like some people can catch on to things better

    than others. Some people want to see while others dont. I have had many

    experiences, this is one of them.

    1826 Scoville Berwyn Il......I was in my basement cleaning up and was

    about to go upstairs when I felt a presence. I turned & looked towards my

    windwo. It was a swing window w/ a storm window on the outside. It was

    winter & everything was locked up pretty tight. When I turned I saw a white

    hand come through the storm wind and knock on the inner window. I turned

    back around being that I was startled. I than said "no way". I turned again

    and i saw again the hand knock on the window.

    I ran upstairs thinking it was a bad joke. I was scared so I got my Gun &

    went outside to check.

    I crept closer to the window, it was snowing so I knew I would have foot prints,

    nothing. The storm window on the outside was tightly secured with butterfly clips,

    that only a rubber mallet could move. There were no foot prints than I just stood

    in the cold and wondered "what the heck" ! The hand was white & looked very solid,

    what was it ?

    Source(s): My experience
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    9 years ago

    The people who experienced ghosts (or what they thought was ghosts) are the ones who believe in it. They exist in a sense but they are not actually ghosts. They are evil spirits that can also impersonate many other thing besides ghosts. These creatures are very clever and the devil an his cohorts (evil spirits) have deceived the whole world. Not ONE person has been exempt from their deceit in some way.

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  • 9 years ago

    Let's just say that some people are more supseptive to spirits, and can therefore see them....

    I know for a fact, that they exist....My sister has seen many, she is very "spirituallly" gifted that way...Others I know, also have seen ghosts....I do not doubt these people.

    Gas, like propane, or natural gas is a substance, but it cannot be seen. does that then mean that gas does not exist? We know little about the spiritual world, only what we can see with our eyes.

    Did you know that Ultra violet light exists, light that our eyes cannot see.? But it is there.

    Gravity is also here, but I don't know for sure, if it could be said to have a substance.....does it?

    Radio waves and television waves are in the air all around us...can we see them, do they have substance..? No.....No substance.... We know they are there, though. If someone told us, and we didn't know, we would doubt the person telling us...we would think he was crazy.

    Believe in them, for they do exist.

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    9 years ago

    I do not know if ghosts exist. I do know that what we call the supernatural does exist. I experienced as a teen for about 7 years. It was terrifying and put all my family in fear of what was happening. It wasn't don't believe it was dead people, but what is considered demons. I have no idea what they are, aliens, beings from a parallel dimension, demons, but something was attacking me in particular for a better part of a decade. Eventually it just disappeared.

    And for the most part people believe what they want to believe even if there is no evidence to support it.

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  • 9 years ago

    I believe in God and the after life and I did not believe in ghost !

    Oh I heard all the stories and thought...."Yea......... Right !"

    First night, in an all most new bed, I woke in the middle of the

    night and looked to see the woman on my arm............. Lying

    there was an old shriveled woman ! Well.......... Now I believe

    in ghost and levitation ! When I left the bed, I do not remember

    touching the floor until I reached the front porch !

    Never slept on that bed again ! Found out an aged lady passed

    on, on that bed ! A few years later, playing cards with my wife,

    sister, and a male friend we got on the subject of ghost !

    I told them the above story and my sister was intrigued, my

    friend looked disturbed, and my wife said "That explains the

    unease I felt when you were working out of town and it was to

    hot to sleep and I went downstairs to sleep in that bed !"

    Then she asked, "Is that why you insisted that we all ways go to

    my place !" I could not lie and admitted the truth ! Then my wife

    turned to our friend and asked if that is why he always slept on the

    couch when stayed with us for a few months ! He claimed that he

    just fell asleep on the couch and did not believe in ghost ! I asked

    him why he was pale ! He repeated his story ! My wife asked

    why he looked nervous ! He stuck with his story, "I fell asleep on

    the couch and I do not believe in ghost !" He looked very nervous !

    My sister asked him, "So........When you woke-up..... how involved

    were you !"

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    We believe because we've EXPERIENCED it. I could tell you mine experience, but it'd be about 3 pages long...

    Not everyone will experience it, I think not even half of all humans will experience it. But I also think you can't control whether you wanna or not, it just kinda happens for whatever reason. I'm still trying to figure out why I always see the same "ghost" although I've never seen him before in real life.

    Source(s): me (:
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    People aren't logic machines. We're a mix of rational and irrational. We can only try to strengthen our rational aspect.

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  • coz they do.And you should call them spirits rather than ghosts....They are Spirits of d ppl who havent died a peaceful death,thats why they roam around...

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  • 9 years ago

    Dead people can't do anything. Don't listen to these stories. Don't let the Devil deceive you.

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