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Can anyone translate Russian to English for me?

What does this mean? I was in a chat room with a few people and some Russian dudes started what looked like fighting with a guy. мня просто кумарит, как и моего товарища верапомила как какието уебаны породируют русских используя слова КОМУНЯГИ СССР ВОДКА и еще пару матов.

+100500 , им на нормальное отношение и нормальное общение не хватает мозгов...

Пытаясь оскорбить словами из переводчика


Google translate does not make much sense when i translate it

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    "me and my pal verapamil [nickname] are just plain p*ssed off by how some d*ckheads are parodying Russians using the words COMMIES USSR VODKA and a few curses

    +100500 [Russian internet slang for violent agreement], they don't have enough brains for normal attitude and normal communication... Trying to insult with words from a translator"

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    it's called google translate ;)

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