An old arcade video game that i cannot find(best action game i ever seen)?

it's a game i played it once only many years ago it's a beat em up genre goes in the sea

about a hijacked cruiser ship by pirates and many hostages aboard

and a special forces team go for the rescue

and u choose between three characters to play

a black guy a girl and a white guy with little monkey

and u choose between 3 ways of landing in the ship surface

1 by parachute 2 by diving beneath the ship 3 by a row boat

and i remember the first boss fight or so was a giant kraken in the ship surface

please guys help me i really want to find this game or at least it's name

thnks in advance.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sounds like ----> Dynamite Cop!

    Published by

    SEGA of America, Inc.

    Developed by: Sega AM1 R&D Division

    Released: Oct 31, 1999

    Platform: Dreamcast

    ESRB Rating: Teen

    Genre: Action

    Perspective: 3rd-Person Perspective, Non-Sport, Fighting


    Pirates have kidnapped the President's daughter and are holding her on a hijacked cruise ship. Now it's up to an elite police force to get them back, using whatever means necessary. The action takes place on both the cruise ship and the pirate's island hideaway.

    You play as one of three cops, in this beat-em up fighting game from Sega. Dynamite Cop features similar gameplay to Die Hard Arcade. As your character enters an area, you have to beat up everyone there. Once they are gone, you continue to the next area. To help you there are many weapons, such as guns, knives, pepper spray, chairs, and bread. Bread? Yes, you can use pretty much anything as a weapon.

    there is an emulator and rom for this but i'll let you find them on your own

  • 4 years ago

    I dont comprehend something approximately parachute or kraken or monkey in a deliver. yet I remember a sport with a Black guy, a White guy and a female (possibly asian) Dont comprehend if that's what you have been finding for yet possibly its Streets of Rage or a sequel to it.

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