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Is there a word that defines hostility to a / any religion ?

Ok ... so Antisemitism defines hostility to jews .. right?

And some 1 who hates jews is antisemit .. right?

But if some one hates a religion ... generally .. not particulary .. how is he called?

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    Theophobia is a morbid fear or hatred of God or religion.

    With love in Christ.

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    An anti-theist. To clear up a common misconception: The "A" in atheist means "without", and does NOT stand for "anti". Without gods, not necessarily against the concept of them. Neither Vishnu, Thor, Apollo, unicorns, Allah nor Yahweh. Just without belief in either.

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    Bigot? For it is certainly intolerant. And it is not common sense or intelligence for Solomon, acclaimed to have been the wisest man who ever lived, says, "The Fear Of God is the BEGINNING of WISDoM."

    How about Godophobia or theiophobia. Phobia infers a mental disorder where one fears everything in a class of things.

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    Militant Atheist. This means someone who not only disagrees with religion in general, but wishes to destroy it.

    Source(s): That's me, by the way.
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    i think of a man or woman is a Christian while they dedicate thier life to Christ and resign to him. a real Christian, i think, has a private dating with Jesus Christ, their Shepherd and not in basic terms an allegience to a "faith". the authentic Christians permit the Holy Spirit handbook them and don't count too heavily upon the evaluations of guy, Pope or no longer.

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