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I'm 27 years old and had about 3 years of working experiences, two of my longest jobs are sales oriented (first one as an Insurance Agent, second one as an International sales rep). I had my undergraduate degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship (I had a cumulative 3.55 GPA)

Last winter, I quit my job to prepare for the GMAT exam because I felt I need a change in my career. I would like to do something more professional and specialized, that's the reason why I've decided that I want to pursuit a Master of Science in Accountancy degree and possibly become a CPA later on.

Now I'm faced with the decision to apply for schools (less prestigious) for Spring admission or to apply for schools (more prestigious) for Fall admission (most of the more prestigious schools only accept fall adimission). If I were to apply for Fall admission, that means there will be almost one year gap from now until my enrollment. I prefer to apply all schools for Fall admission and find a job in accounting-related field before enrollment to build up some experiences. But my dad, who will be paying my tuition, told me that I should apply for Spring admission because he thinks that for my age, time is really pressing and important. He doubt that I will get into those more prestigious schools and that I will find an accounting related job within the year. He also told me that he's concerned that the fact that I will be almost 30 by the time I complete the program and with little accounting job experiences, employers will less likely to hire me because of my age and lack of experiences. So he strongly suggests me to use my time more wisely and start my education asap and get back to the work force asap.

I'm also very concerned about my future, since I've quit my last job for almost a year just to prepare for the GMAT, I took the test four times and my best score was 620 (verbal: 32, math: 44). It was not the most desirable score I would like to get considering the time and effort I put myself into. But I still hope somehow to get into the schools with top accounting programs, such as UT-Austin, Texas A&M, USC..etc. Am I being unrealistic here? Should I listen to my dad and apply for Spring Admission and start my education asap? Is my dad right about that "age is an important factor when accounting firms look for their candidates"? Will accounting firms such as the big 4 hire a 30 year-old for a entry-level position in auditing with MSA degree but no real accounting job experiences? what kind of jobs in accounting I can possibly get with no experiences?

As the spring application deadlines are pressing, I'm forced to make a decision, but I'm so lost of what to do and even doubt that if my decision for a career change is right. Could someone with an accounting profession or even someone who does hiring in accounting firms give me some advice? I really appreciate your kindness in helping me out here.

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    For an undergraduate coming out of school with a degree in business, an internship is most often the road to employment with a major business entity. Many large, influential corporations offer internships and even hire interns on a regular basis. Some of these corporations even actively seek undergraduates to bring into the company and train. If you're looking for a career in big business, an internship with one of the top companies may be your best route.

    General Electric

    General Electric is a worldwide technology, media and financial services company that employs 304,000 employees as of 2010. The company offers internships that include programs such as Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP), Financial Management Program (FMP), Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP) and the Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP) that hire interns year round.

    Merrill Lynch

    Merrill Lynch is one of the most sought-after investment banking internships. Merrill Lynch offers competitive summer internship programs. Merrill Lynch employees spend a great deal of time on the phone, calling customers and building new accounts. The Merrill Lynch internship is a good starting place for anyone interested in a career in financial planning.


    PriceWaterhouseCoopers provides internal auditing for 32 percent of the fortune 500 companies. The company has a year-round internship program it places great value on. The company's internship provides customer contact for interns, training and development and the chance to shadow experts in the field.

    Walt Disney

    One of the most sought after internships for anyone interested in film or other areas of entertainment and media is Walt Disney. Walt Disney has a large internship program and actively recruits from film schools for the program. Walt Disney hires interns to work for the company regularly.

    Procter and Gamble

    One of the largest consumer goods companies in the United States, Procter and Gamble, offers a year-round internship that places interns in real-world working situations. The company actively hires from its intern program. The experiences interns glean from this program include consumer relations and marketing skills.

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