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Survey on film..............?

Your favourite movie genre?

Favourite comedy film?

Favourite horror film?

Favourite action film?

Favourite romantic film?

The best movie franchise in your opinion?

Favourite actor?

Favourite actress?

Favourite director?

How often do you go to the cinemas?

Do you enjoy foreign films?

If so, your favourite foreign film?

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  • 10 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    favorite genre: film-noir followed pretty closely by animation (not that big into anime though) and horror

    favorite comedies:

    1) His Girl Friday

    2) Some Like It Hot

    3)Murder He Says

    4) Airplane

    5) Night at the Opera

    6) Young Frankenstein

    7) Modern Times

    8) Duck Soup

    9) Spaceballs

    10) almost any movie directed by Woody Allen

    favorite horror films

    1I would say the scariest movies ever are:

    I would say the scariest movies ever are:

    1) The Shining

    2) Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    3) The Exorcist

    4) Rosemary's Baby

    5) Night of the Living Dead

    6) The Omen

    7) Possession

    8) The Exorcist

    9) The Tenant

    10) Repulsion

    11) Wicker Man

    12) The Changeling

    13) Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    14) Evil Dead & Evil Dead II

    15) Carnival of Souls

    16) The Innocents

    17) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 remake)

    18) The Others

    19) The Thing

    20) Peeping Tom

    21) The Cremator

    22) The Changeling

    23) Cabient of Dr. Caligari

    24) Nosferatu

    25) Phantom of the Opera

    favorite action films:

    1) Raiders of the Lost Ark

    2) Road Warrior

    3) Oldboy

    4) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

    5) The Man From Nowhere

    6) Kill Bill vol. 1 & 2

    7) Enter The Dragon

    8) Hard Boiled

    9) The Killer

    10) Die Hard

    favorite romantic movies:

    1) Breakfast at Tiffany's

    2) Amelie

    3) The Apartment

    4) Cinema Paradiso

    5) Children of Paradise

    6) Jean Cocteau's version of Beauty & The Beast

    7) L'Atalante

    8) Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    9) Cleo from 5 to 7

    10) Lost in Translation

    best movie franchises:

    1) the original Star Wars trilogy

    2) The Godfather (although part 3 is definitely the weak link)

    3) Evil Dead / Army of Darkness

    4) Raiders of the Lost Ark

    5) Lord of the Rings

    6) Harry Potter

    7) Pirates of the Caribbean

    8) Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein. Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man, etc.

    favorite actors:

    1) Edward G. Robinson

    2) Humphrey Bogart

    3) Jimmy Stewart

    4) Fred Astaire

    5) Cary Grant

    6) Jack Lemmon

    7) Henry Fonda

    8) James Cagney

    9) Max von Sydow

    10) Kirk Douglas

    11) Harvey Keitel

    12) Gene Hackman

    13) a young Dustin Hoffman

    14) a young Robert DeNiro

    15) a young Al Pacino

    16) Daniel Day Lewis

    17) Javier Bardem

    18) Adrien Brody

    19) Paul Giamatti

    20) Jeff Bridges

    favorite actresses:

    1) Audrey Hepburn

    2) Barbara Stanwyck

    3) Marlene Dietrich

    4) Greta Garbo

    5) Anna Karina

    5) Gloria Grahame

    6) Rita Hayworth

    7) Liv Ullmann

    8) Bibi Anderssson

    9) Cate Blanchett

    10) Tilda Swinton

    11) Kathy Bates

    12) Natalie Portman

    13) Nicole Kidman

    14) Isabella Rossellini

    15) Isabelle Adjani

    favorite directors:

    1) Ingmar Bergman

    2) Terry Gilliam

    3) Stanley Kubrick

    4) Alfred Hitchcock

    5) Woody Allen

    6) Billy Wilder

    7) Georges Melies

    8) Cohen Brothers

    9) David Lynch

    10) Alejandro Jodorowsky

    11) Martin Scorsese

    12) Mel Brooks

    13) Tim Burton

    14) Roman Polanski

    15) Dario Argento

    16) Fritz Lang

    17) Jean Renoir

    18) Guillermo del Toro

    19) Christopher Nolan

    20) Darren Aronofsky

    21) Jean-Pierre Jeuet

    22) Paul Thomas Anderson

    23) Jean-Luc Goddard

    24) Ken Russell

    25) John Waters

    plus a whole host of others like Chalie Chaplin, Elia Kazan, Frank Capra, Lars van Trier, Alejandro Amenabar, Joe Dante, Francis Ford-Coppola, David Cronenberg, Brian de Palma, Federico Fellini, Lukas Moodysson. Chan-Wook Park, Hayao Miyazaki, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Akira Kurosawa, Werner Herzog, Jim Jarmusch, Jan Svankmajer, Guy Maddin, Sergio Leone, Todd Solondz. Francois Truffaut, Wim Wenders, David Lean, and Peter Greenaway

    favorite foreign films:

    1) The Holy Mountain

    2) Fanny & Alexander

    3) Metropolis

    4) Cabinet of Dr, Caligari

    5) Amelie

    6) Cinema Paradiso

    7) Children of Paradise

    8) Nosferatu

    9) Wild Strawberries

    10) Persona

    11) Pan's Labyrith

    12) El Topo

    13) 8 1/2

    14) Cries & Whispers

    15) Zentropa

    16) Oldboy

    17) Micmacs

    18) The Devil's Backbone

    19) The Silence

    20) Lilja 4-Ever

    I go to the movies anywhere from two to four times a week. Every once in a while I'll cram in a fifth movie. When the film festival is happening here in Cleveland, I'll go see thirty to fifty films across a ten day period. Still trying to make it up to the Toronto International Film Festival.

  • Donny
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    10 years ago

    Your favourite movie genre?- Crime

    Favourite comedy film?- The Big Lebowski

    Favourite horror film?- Halloween (1978)

    Favourite action film?- The Bourne Ultimatum

    Favourite romantic film?- (500) Days of Summer

    The best movie franchise in your opinion?- The Godfather

    Favourite actor?- Robert De Niro

    Favourite actress?- Marisa Tomei

    Favourite director?- Martin Scorsese

    How often do you go to the cinemas?- twice a month, depends on what's out though

    Do you enjoy foreign films?- for the most part not really

    If so, your favourite foreign film?- City of God

  • 10 years ago

    Your favourite movie genre? Crime-Drama

    Favourite comedy film? The Big Lebowski

    Favourite horror film? Scream

    Favourite action film? The Terminator

    Favourite romantic film? The Graduate

    The best movie franchise in your opinion? The Godfather trilogy

    Favourite actor? Robert De Niro

    Favourite actress? Meryl Streep

    Favourite director? Martin Scorsese

    How often do you go to the cinemas? Not often. I'm cheap.

    Do you enjoy foreign films? Some.

    If so, your favourite foreign film? Rashomon

  • Lou
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    10 years ago

    Favourite Genre-Horror

    Favourite comedy-Liar Liar

    Favourite Horror-The Descent

    Favourite Action-Taken

    Favourite Romantic-Leap Year

    Best Movie Franchise-Saw

    Favourite Actor-Liam Neeson

    Favourite Actress-Whoopi Goldberg

    Favourite Director-Wes Craven

    Never go to cinema

    I do enjoy some foreign films, favourite is probably Pans Labyrinth

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your favourite movie genre Action.

    Favourite comedy film Carnage.

    Favourite horror film Back to the Beyond .

    Favourite action film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance .

    Favourite romantic film Monte Carlo..

  • 10 years ago

    Okay, there you go!

    Drama (Some comedy and romance wouldn't hurt)

    Scoop (People don't rate it as high but it had me ROFL)

    Saw (I don't like horror movies at all)

    The Dark Knight (I had to come up with something purely action)

    Before Sunset (Before Sunrise's sequel and it made me cry so much)

    The Bourne Trilogy (That's only my opinion)

    Brad Pitt / Matt Damon / Edward Norton / Leonardo DiCaprio (Will never ever choose one from them, it'd be a sin)

    Kate Winslet (No doubt!)

    David Fincher (Awesomeness personified)

    This year I haven't seen a single movie out, though I do make it cinema 10 times in a year.

    Not really. Though I love the chinese kung-fu movies. I love all that hoo-haa!

    Amelie?! Or City Of God?! Can't really tell...

  • 7 years ago

    Action Advenure,big,young Frankenstein,star wars,big,Batman,Arthur Treacher,Shirley Temple,George Lucas,once or twice,yes,Fists of Fury.....

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