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Fuzzy and Furry? Any differenc

Hi, can anyone explain the difference between the meanings of 'fuzzy' and 'furry'? I know the two words are describing something with soft hairy stuff, but are they different in any sense? Or are they just a pair of synonyms?


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    FURRY (毛皮的; 覆有毛皮的; 毛皮製的) is an adjective derived from the word "fur".

    (1) covered with fur or short threads. Normally furry is used to describe animals and creatures. e.g. furry kitten

    (2) describes things that are made from a soft material that looks like fur.

    e.g. My young sister has a massive collection of furry toys.

    Furry slipper

    FUZZY (有絨毛的, 毛茸茸的, 模糊不清的) is an adjective which originates from German, "fussig", ~loose. It has several meanings.

    (1) covered with soft short hair or fur.

    e.g. You can feel the fuzzy skin of the peach.

    (2) Fuzzy hair means the hair is curly and sticks up.

    e.g. Oh, no, it is raining ~ my hair will all go fuzzy.

    Apart from that, fuzzy also means

    (3) unclear and confused.

    A fuzzy picture, image, or sound is unclear and hard to see or hear.

    If your thoughts are fuzzy, you are confused and cannot think clearly.

    e.g. My head is a bit fuzzy this morning after all the wine last night.

    (~ I cannot think clearly)

    Fuzzy is used to describe feeling, photo, image, picture, memory, hair

    Furry 多應用在動物,有毛皮, Fuzzy 應用比較廣大

    Source(s): Yahoo Dictionary, Longman Dictionary
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    Fuzzy 的解釋是:



    Furry 的解釋是:


    Hope can help you!!!


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