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謝絕翻譯軟體,麻煩能人翻譯一下下列文字,謝謝 :


XX興業誠邀海內外朋友一起攜手合作,歡迎國內外事(實)業 、 貿易商 、代理商、批發商來函/樣 /圖業務洽談、代理、批發、來料加工及定做。雙贏,願我們共同努力 !公司最終力爭為您實現三優(優質、優價、優服務)。

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    XX industrial design team has a professional, excellent development, already has enough capacity to adapt to foreign trade, OEM and ODM processing capacity, to meet the customer's high quality, set strict demands, high volume, fast turnaround and fast-paced requirements, superior quality, service leadership, reputable, well received by customers.XX industrial at home and abroad are invited to work together with a friend, welcome domestic and foreign matter (real) industry, traders, agents, wholesalers letter/samples/diagram business talk, the agents, wholesale, processing and customized. A win-win situation, we would like to work together! Companies strive to achieve the three for you (high quality, low price and excellent service).

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    XX promotes education to have the specialty, the outstanding development design troop, had the foot 夠 ability adaptation foreign trade, OEM and the ODM working capacity, can satisfy the customer high grade, strict request, mass, short period and quick rhythm request, quality excellent, the service is in the lead, the prestige is good, depth customer faith. XX promoting education invites everywhere friends to cooperate hand in hand together, welcome domestic external affairs (reality) industry, foreign trader, business agent, wholesaler incoming letter/type/chart service discussion, proxy, wholesale, furnished raw material processing and custom make. Win-win, is willing us joint effort! The company argues vigorously finally for you realizes three superiorly (high quality, superior price, superior service).

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