who thinks danica patrick should not drive?

the number 7 car number it is the same car number that alan kulwicki drove and if she is aloud to drive it then why don't nascar just put the number 3 car out for somebody else to drive i mean this is bad that they are letting this happen i think we all miss adam petty and kenny irwin and davie Allison and dale Earnhardt i think no won else should drive there car numbers don't get me wrong i like danica and my favorit driver is tony stewart and i don't know what he is thinking ether please answer appropriately

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  • 9 years ago
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    Any car owner can hire anyone they want to drive their car for them, JR. & Tony have both chose to hire Danica to drive for them. I've seen her drive, both times she led the Indianapolis 500 she wasn't given that position. First time was with Rahal-Letterman, the last time was for Andretti-Green.

    As for the car numbers, Yes, NASCAR Owns the rights to the numbers in all levels of racing. Richard Childress leases the #3 every year from NASCAR because he has the first option, he takes it up and holds it out. In the Camping World Truck Series, Childress chooses to allow his Grandson to run the #3.

    Chlidress also for a while owned the rights to the #07 which was Bowyer's original number. so there could be an option.

    Oh, Oh, Oh Jr hasn't won a race in over 100 races, so he should get out of racing? Now there is an Intelligent statement I read on here. He last won in Michigan using fuel mileage to do it. Danica won In Japan on fuel mileage, she shouldn't drive in NASCAR. Just who makes these decisions, Kyle Petty drove for 30 years and had a total of 8 wins, Joey Logano has only one win in the #20 and it was a rain shortened race, does that mean he should quit?

    If a driver can get a ride, it means he or she has either Talent or a big sponsorship deal. Paul Menard sucked and caused a lot of wrecks when he started, he used the sponsorship of his dad's company to back him. Today he has vastly increased his competency. I don't particularly like Brad K. but I don't think he should get out of racing. Let the teams run their business. Dang! That pesky Hendrick's Team just signed JR thru 2017, where were their heads??!!??

    Should Danica drive, Damn-Skippy she should. Like it or not she probably wont cause any more wrecks tha JPM does.

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    9 years ago

    Well, Danica for 1 is not getting the 7 since Robby Gordon (who currently competes with the number) has already stated he is sticking with it. As far as the number 3, Richard Childress, who still since 2002 has acquired the rights for the number has stated he would not entertain the thought of using the number anytime soon/under the right circumstances.

    Just saying though, so then in your mind it is wrong for Robby Gordon to be using the number 7?

  • 9 years ago

    I loved Kulwicki, but no numbers are retired or Mark Martin might be driving 39876 by now. Jr should be worried about having to smell Danica's fumes next year.

  • saq428
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    9 years ago

    Im sure she will only drive the 7 car in Nationwide since Robbby Gordon owns the 7 team for cup.

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  • 9 years ago

    Kulwicki is One of 40 drivers to use the 7. Robby Gordon has it now and just announced he will be starting and parking the next few races. I would like to see Danica take over the 7 but it's not up to her. It's just a number anyway.


  • 9 years ago

    Well, for starters, what about Robby Gordon, who also drives the #7? Or Justin Lofton, who drives the #7 in the Truck series? Another thing, NASCAR doesn't own the #3, it belongs to Richard Childress, and it's his decision whether to use it or not. And Danica was given the #7, because Jr Motorsports already was running it. She didn't request it, nor is she trying to offend anyone by running this number

  • 9 years ago

    It's up to the owners to use the #s or not.

    Sky Warrior - Actually NASCAR does own the #s, the car owners pay NASCAR the rights to use the #s. So right now Richard Childress is still paying NASCAR for the rights of the #3. It's basically up to Richard on if or when the #3 will be used again in Cup.

  • 9 years ago

    Don't worry about it, Robby Gordon is not going to give up his #7, he is the driver who currently drives the #7, and he has said no way is he giving up his number.

    Go 88, 29, 2 in 2011

  • 9 years ago

    I say give her the chance. If she fails then I would say she should not drive. She is just learning tracks that the Cup stars have spent many hours driving on.

  • mbl
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    9 years ago

    I think all this making a big deal about car numbers is silly. It's just a number on a car.

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