How long is the "Ruck Sack" march in BCT for Army?

I have been told by my friends that during Army BCT, one of the most difficult past of training is the surprise "Ruck Sack" march. They say that is difficult because no one is used to marching/walking/hiking with a 40-50lbs ruck sack for a long distance. Since they know that Im enlisting, they told me to prepare for it, but they don't remember the distance. Some say that its about 10km (about 6miles) and others have told me its 15km (about 9miles). I have asked my recruiter and he said that he doesn't remember and really doesn't know that answer because he doesn't know any Drill Instructor to ask.

Therefore, does anyone know the distance? And also, do you have a certain about of time to do this in?

I have been preparing by walking with a 30lb weight vest/backpack and I walk 2 miles in an hour.

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    The final road march is 15KM. The pace by regulation is 4KM an hour during normal visibility, or 3.2 during low visibility. Most units won't go that slow, so expect to be walking 5-6KM an hour. You should expect to be carrying a 35 lb ruck sack, rifle, tactical load vest (for your ammo, first aid kit, and canteens), and possibly a camelback and helmet (helmet is dependent on the post policy and current temp).

    Its not an individual event exactly. You have to walk it without assistance of course, you just have to stay in the formation with everyone else. The first hour you will walk for 45 mins straight, take a 15 min break, then walk for 50 mins for 10 min break (and repeat the 50/10 ratio every hour after that).

    It really isnt that hard. By this time you've already been walking for weeks in your boots, and have done close to half a dozen road marches leading up to this one.

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    The final Ruck March will be 15 Kilometers in length. You can find the standards on the links below. Keep in mind that this 15K march is 72 hours after a 10K march which makes it a little harder for those with soft feet. Your ruck will be about 35 pounds. It is not particularly difficult as it is a tactical march and not a forced march. You will take tactical pauses during the march. You need to walk much faster than 2 MPH. Shoot for 4 MPH and you will be well ahead of your fellow Soldiers and you will be meeting the Expert Infantryman standard.

    And I did BCT 26 years ago and did a 12 mile road march... All TRADOC courses have standards that must be abided by.

    Source(s): 26 years active Army service. Infantry OSUT and two years as BCT Commander.
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    Ruck March

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    I do not know only in 1976 they took us out a long way in the cattle truck after morning chow loaded with sack gas mask and weapon running and marching all day back to the barrack's got cs gassed along the way and did not get back to the barrack's until late that evening put away gear then had an inspection. man i never was so tired in my whole life.

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    1 you start with short marches and work up

    2 its a force march you want to work for faster miles go for 15-20 minutes per mile

    3 my last basic training march was 26 miles but that was 30 years ago, its easier now

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    don't worry. They will gradually work you up to the required fitness levels. There will always be a few who always fall behind in runs and marches. Any endurance training you do ahead of time will help.

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