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Chad Dawson splits with Emanuel Steward?

John Scully and Winky Wright are gonna train Dawson for his fight with B-Hop now. Do you think this will effect the outcome of the Hopkins fights at all? Is it of any significance?

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    Perhaps if he was training with Dan Birmingham and Ronald Winky Wright it would

    make a difference in the fight. I know that John Scully use to be a boxer and he's a

    good trainer for local boxers I just don't know why Chad Dawson keeps changing up

    his trainers he did it when he was training with Floyd Mayweather Sr. and now again

    with Emanuel Steward. I don't think it's going to make a difference Bernard Hopkins

    defeated Jean Pascal (twice) and Jean Pascal defeated "Bad" Chad Dawson unless

    he fights the fight of his life, I think Bernard Hopkins will once again win retaining his

    WBC Light Heavyweight Championship of the World. On a side not I'm kind of upset

    that the Jean Pascal-Tavoris Cloud fight on the under card isn't happening it should of

    been promoted on the card and that could of really helped their pay per view buyrates.

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  • 9 years ago

    I'm starting to think the issue is Chad Dawson and not necessarily the trainer. In the last few years he went from Floyd Mayweather Sr, to Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, then Emanuel Steward and now John Scully.

    Changing trainers during a training camp has always been something I wasn't really a fan of because you then have to question the focus and preparation.

    Hopkins isn't the type of fighter you can beat when you mental make up is else where or scattered. He's going to nit and pick at every minor flaw until its magnified.

    I'm not really sure who I'm picking, but after hearing this it sure isn't leaning anywhere towards Chad Dawsons favor.

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  • I am Joshua Mbngo Dmbungo TONGUE-CLICK Jnr. Jnr.

    From what I've seen first hand, when a guy changes gyms or trainers, it's when they're in a bad patch (or a less than great patch) of form and are looking for something else to blame than their own dedication. This may seem harsh if this was the first recent change of trainer, but all these changes aren't doing anything good.

    I'm starting to think losing his 0 has had a more lasting effect on Dawson than simply being a defeat. He hardly looked like an ATG against Diacanou althogh that's just an opinion.

    Any mental cracks will be split wide open by B-hop, especially something so public.


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  • 9 years ago

    I had B-Hop winning this fight by decision before, this doesn't change that too much for me. Dawson's best chance imo is to make this fight dull and boring, trying to limit B-Hop's counter opportunities. He's just not an aggressive fighter, and Steward wasn't going to change that. Given their lack of experience, I'm a little surprised to see who he's now chosen to train him, but then again, he's probably run out of names having changed trainers so many times before.

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  • 9 years ago

    Once the bell rings the only other person other than Bernard Hopkins that will be inside the ring with Dawson is the referee.

    Source(s): Once the bell rings Dawson is in there alone minus the referee with the 'executiner'
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  • 9 years ago

    Chad Dawson doesn't know who to get to train him!! He might as well have gotten Floyd Mayweather Sr!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    dawson has better chance to win now.

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