2004 Pacifica burned all its oil in 3 months?

Okay, not the first time we've had issues with this car. It's a 2004 AWD Pacifica, replaced the engine in May of 2011, old one was complety shot (took multiple cranking and pedal pumping attempts to get it to run), with 106,000 miles. We obviously put in new Mobil 1 10W-30 with the new engine (I should mention the new engine had only 45,000 miles when installed (currently has about 50,000. Today, when warm, we hear the engine sort of sounds like a diesel and it had been getting poor gas mileage and hesitation, we decided to pull over and check the oil, the dipstick came out bone dry. It literally had no oil on the dipstick, albeit the low oil pressure light didn't come on. So, we were going to change the oil anywau and just added another 5 quarts of Mobil 1 10W-30. That rate of burning oil sounds insane to me, my father's 2003 Lincoln Town Car with almost HALF A MILLION miles on an original engine is only about half a quart low at changes after 7,000 miles on the same Mobil 1 10W-30. Can someone please clarify how it can burn that much oil (no leaks) and not smoke out of the exhaust?


For anyone who thinks I neglect my engine, I don't. I replaced the last engine because ever since I bought the car it's been having major issues. Also, Mobil 1 is 5 months or 7,000 miles, for anyone who doesn't know.

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    operative scenario here is that you had a used engine installed--without knowing what kind of care the engine had prior to being put in your car--from wrecked vehicle? or? without knowing the service of the engine it would be considered somewhat of a "standard" for engines to use approximately 1 quart every 1000-1500 miles--this would not be visible out the tail pipe-

    as far as your dads car-did he buy it new? changed the oil regularly did he?(smart man) regular maintenance is what keeps one going

    on another note I don't think much of the Pacifica" as a good car-especially the motor but that is purely my feelings--I have owned 3 different Lincoln Town Cars and have found them to be superior cars-

    all this writing still has not addressed your problem--next change use 1 quart of Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer--I use it in both of our cars and have had no service problems--1 car 140k miles the other 56k miles

    Source(s): me-owned > 250 vehicles--maintained all of them (of course I broke some of them-lol)
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    I have to ask: how often do you check the oil in your car?

    You said you installed the engine in May but were shocked to find that in September ....that's *three* maybe almost *four* months ...the dipstick was showing no oil. Which does *not* mean the engine has run dry ...hence the lack of an oil pressure light. You may have been running low oil pressure as indicated on the oil pressure gauge ...which is what I'll bet you have in your Pacifica ....but not low enough to turn on the idiot light (which if it comes on really means it's too late).

    If you had been monitoring the oil level (like checking it at least once a month) you'd have found your consumption problem a whole lot sooner and with less of a risk of doing permanent damage to the engine. If you treated your first engine with the same lack of care it's no wonder it only lasted 106K.

    You bought a used engine ....probably out of a salvage yard car ...so you have no idea what the history of this engine was. If you had monitored your oil consumption by checking the oil level regularly, you might have found your problem sooner. I suspect you have some sort of leak or quite possibly the engine has some internal damage (leaking valve guides, bad rings, cracked block, etc). Look the engine over carefully ...can you see any fresh leaks? If it's really cruddy you may have to clean it to find the leak. Look under the vehicle ...can you see any fresh oil trails painting the bottom of the car?

    I'd bag the Mobil 1 ...unless you just like throwing away money ...until you find the cause of the high consumption. Chances are if the engine started knocking because it was running low on oil and, therefore, running low on oil pressure ...you've done some substantial internal damage to the main and rod bearings on the crankshaft.

    Might be time for motor number three .....

  • 9 years ago

    Simple. You have a catalytic converter. Its job is to convert excess gas and oil into harmless compounds. It's like an afterburner. That's why you didn't see smoke.

    But that's a LOT of oil to lose in 3 months. So you're either burning it or leaking it. Find out soon which it is or you'll be on engine #3.

    Also, are you sure it takes 10W30? I bet it's supposed to use 5W-30.

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