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It is evident that after 1945 the Soviet Union was determined to export revolution, and it was not acting defe?

I need to write an objective arguing either for or against the above statement. I would like to be clear that I would not like to plagiarize, as this is strictly forbidden. If anyone would be as kind as to give me any links to sources or general idea's it would be most appreciated. By the way, I am arguing against the statement, the USSR was clearly trying to protect itself from the West, by forming the Eastern Block, aiding north korea etc. Thanks!

It is evident that after 1945 the Soviet Union was determined to export revolution, and it was not acting defensively to threats from the West.

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    It is a contentious claim because the USSR was ONLY doing what it was allowed to do, as agreed at Yalta. Also the USA & Britain were also imposing their ideas about how countries should be governed on the countries that they liberated, even going to the extent of fraudulently fixing elections to ensure that the communists did not win (despite the fact that in Italy and France they really won).

    here are three main reasons for the establishment of the Communist Satellite states:

    1) Russia has historically had no secure border. There are no great rivers, no mountains, no deserts no seas that separate her from her potentially war-like neighbours. This fear of invasion, and the idea of buying time through land (Russia, when invaded has often allowed the enemy to invade, then, when their supply lines are overstretched, they counter-attack) is one of the reasons that Russia became so big. As former border towns become consolidated into the Russian political landscape, so does the need to push the border further away from the heartland. After the devastation faced in the Soviet Union in WWII the Soviets wanted to push the border as far away from Kiev, from Moscow & Minsk as they could.

    2) They wanted to set up satellite countries because they could. The Red Army had conquered the territory at great expense and the Soviet leadership was unwilling to simply withdraw - allowing Western style governments to push right up to her borders.

    3) The Yalta Agreement between FDR, Churchill & Stalin had laid out the spheres of influence that each of the Allied countries would have, and the satellite countries all fell under the Soviet sphere.

    Some further reasons:

    The Soviets had a different view of democracy to the one in the West. The Soviets argued that as the Communist party represented the people and was of the people, it was an inherently democratic form of government.

    There was also Marxist ideology behind it. Marx claimed that the Communist Revolution was inevitable - especially in highly industrialised and advanced Germany. The Soviets saw it as their mission to export the revolution to other countries - especially Germany.

    The Soviets saw what the Western Allies were doing in Western Europe as no different to what they were doing - establishing governments based on models of the victors' own governments.

    And one final reason was to prevent a unified Germany from being a threat to the Soviet Union ever again.


    The Captive Nations - Patrick Brogan (it's a simplistic overview of the histories of the countries under Communist domination in Europe after the war)

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