Can you mod Dead Island on steam?

im asking this because when ever i edit the inventory.scr it wont start up. then i have to reinstall Dead Island. im using winrar and notepad++ to edit it. if you can mod it then what am i doing wrong?

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  • 9 years ago
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    After you edit the .scr file, where are you saving it? If you are saving it in the Directory Steam apps/common/dead island folder where you found it, that's why it crashing. If you go to my documents, you should have a dead island folder. In that folder is where you need to put the modded file. You may have to create folders inside that folder so it matches the steam directory. I modded some of the character skills, which was found under the data folder in the steam apps/common/dead island/data/skills. So in the dead island folder in my documents, I have the out/data/skills folders and inside skills is where the edited .xml files are placed.

    If you go to and check out the dead island message board, there is a good post about modding. Also there is a really in depth posting on the steam forums for dead island, which has some links to some video how to guides. Hope this helps you out, I know I spent several hours trying to figure this out, but in the end I did get it to work.

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    Dead Island Pc Mods

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