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NFC South is overrated?

Clearly the NFC North is superior.

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    I wouldn't say the division in general is overrated, but the NFC North is clearly better. To me the Falcons are the only overrated team of the NFC South. Da Bears proved my point yesterday. The NFC South has 3 good teams, but they also have a weak team in the Carolina Panthers. The NFC North has no weak team. The Green Bay Packers are the Super Bowl Champions. The Chicago Bears won the division and went to the NFC Championship. The Minnesota Vikings were one play away from the Super Bowl 2 years ago. Finally, the Detroit Lions are set for a breakout year. It's possible that this division won't have a team with a loosing record. Da Bears embarrassed the Falcons, the Packers beat the Saints, and the Lions beat the Bucs. So yeah, the NFC North is better.

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    I've said that all along. All the people saying the Buccanneers are overrated because they had a easy schedule, but say the Saints and Falcons are good are huge hypocrites. The Saints and Falcons had pretty much the same schedule as the the Bucs so that means they beat the same mediocre teams the Bucs did. Easy to get 10+ wins against the NFC West, and 2 horrid AFC North teams as well as the door mat Panthers last year. Every team loses in a bad way the first way and the Panthers are the only ones that show competitiveness when they're the supposed doormat. Way to rep NFC South.

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    As a Falcons fans i am disgusted with our performance against the Bears. I dont need to go into detail but all i have to say is, that is a Shame.

    The NFC South is the most competitive division in football, no question. I think what you have to look at is the QB play. We all know Brees is one of the best in the business, but look at Ryan. All those comeback victories and how he makes great throws. Freeman, how he has all the upside in the world and has great leadership and carries his team. and Newton, he had a hell of a game and he just may be successful after all. Its hard to choose who will win that division, but im sticking with the Falcons

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    i mean everyone in the nfc lost their first game.. i think the panthers are awful (from nc too)

    the bucs are awful, i hate the falcons and the saints arent looking as good as usual. not to say that the north is too much better but calvin johnson is a boss go lions

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