how do i get 26 federal plaza new york ny 10278 from 114 east 53rd st using the train?

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    Walk over to Lexington Avenue & 51st St and take the downtown #6 train to Brooklyn Bridge. At Brooklyn Bridge use the stairs at the front of the platform and then exit to the street. Once on the street walk 1/4 block to Chambers Street, make a left on Chambers St and walk to Broadway. At Broadway, make a right and walk up Broadway (in the direction opposite of car traffic) for a couple of blocks to 26 Federal Plaza.

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    26 Federal Plaza By Train

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    My friend, here's how to get from the address in questioned to the 26 Federal Plaza in Lower Manhattan.

    Step 1 - from 114 East 53rd Street, walk a block east along 53rd Street to Lexington Avenue and then south on Lexington Avenue for two blocks from 53rd Street to the 51st Street station, as shown on the map at the link below. (walking directions from 114 East 53rd Street to the 6 train station at 51st Street).

    Step 2 - take the downtown (southbound) 6 train, which the the Green Line on the subway map, from 51st Street to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall.

    Step 3 - at Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, exit the station and follow the walking directions from the subway station to 26 Federal Plaza on the map at the link below. (walking directions from the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall subway station to 26 Federal Plaza)

    Please note, there is a lot of security at 26 Federal Plaza, so be prepare to comply with the security services in the building.

    I hope this information is very helpful.

    Good luck

    Native New Yorker

    Source(s): (new printable subway map -- click on the PDF icon to enlarge and print)
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    You can take the Downtown (6) or <6> from 51st Street/Lexington Avenue one stop to Grand Central. From there, transfer across the platform for the Brooklyn-bound (4) or (5) to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall

    NOTE: You can stay on the (6) if you want a less crowded train, though it will be slower than the (4) or (5)

    I hope this information was very helpful.

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    i will go to there website and get the info for you, just give me a moment or two....

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