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Tiger Ann Parker is just an average twelve year old girl, but her family is different. Both of her parents are “slow” so they live with her grandmother who takes care of the cooking, cleaning, etc. around the house. Tiger is always bullied in school by the other girls because of her family. They also make jokes about her red hair. “It is a novel filled with beautiful language, unforgettable characters, and the importance of family and home.”(Holt, “My Louisiana Sky”) After her grandmother dies, Aunt Dorie Kay offers Tiger a chance out of this small town. After Tiger realizes how important family values are, she decides to stay. This is a great book, because the characters are very interesting.

Tiger Ann Parker is a young helpful girl. Tiger helps out her grandmother as much as possible; she helps her carry things to the truck for their Sunday picnics. “Twenty minutes later I carried a buttermilk pie out to the truck.” She would also hang out laundry when asked too, “I held a corner of the heavy sheet to the line while Momma handed a clothes pin to me.” One day when Jesse came to play baseball with her she simply said "Jesse Wade, a girl has to grow up sometime." and went to help her grandma with the laundry, Tiger would help out other people as well as her grandmother (Holt, 33). After granny passed away, and her Aunt’s maid came down to help out Tiger would still do things around the house even though the maid was there. “I dashed out of the kitchen, whizzed past Momma and Daddy on the porch, and arrived at the clothesline just as the sprinkles fell from the sky.” (170).

Even though Tiger's parents were different, she was still respectful of them. She would do things for her Momma, “I was washing Momma’s hair because I wanted to do something good for her or if I was trying to feel less guilty about desperately wanting to leave Saitter” (117). "The sun beat down on us as I worked the shampoo through her tangled hair" said Tiger (117). After rinsing her hair with vinegar, Tiger then wrapped a towel around her mommas head.

Jewel Ramsey, is the grandmother in this story, she was very caring about the family. Grandma would make sure everyone was ready to go to work. “You better go fetch her,” Granny said in reference to Tigers mother. She also would have what they needed for work ready. “When the sun goes to rising,” Granny said, “y’all need to put on a sunbonnet."(38) One day when Tiger had to go help pick peas, Granny gave her an old long sleeve shirt to wear so she wouldn't get sunburned. “Here, Tiger. Better put this on or you’ll burn that fair skin to a crisp.”(38)

Grandma was also organized. In the mornings she would wake up Tiger and her mother, having coffee ready for them. “Granny held out a cup of coffee to Momma.”(38). She would also have dinner done every night and make breakfast for everyone in the morning. "Granny put red beans in her gumbo pot while I pumped water from the well"said Tiger (28). She also knew when it was time to leave, "we'll have to do it some other time," said Granny (26). Grandma wasn’t the main character but one of the most important ones.

Aunt Dorie Kay is Tiger’s aunt who lives in the big city, where her great job is and buys the family new items. Aunt Dorie Kay gets Tigers family gifts such as the new TV. “Thank you! Thank you, Aunt Dorie Kay!”(10). She also buys things for her mother even though they don’t get along. “In the coffin, Granny’s white hands looked even paler next to the navy blue dress Aunt Dorie Kay sent her from Baton Rouge a year ago.” said Tiger (98). Aunt Dorie Kay also takes Tiger to the movies and buys her a milkshake. “How about a milk shake?” asked Aunt Dorie Kay (Holt, 109).

Aunt Dorie Kay teaches them new things. "The next day I sat on a stool while Aunt Dorie Kay showed Daddy how to write checks for the bills." She was kind and patient as she showed him what to write on the check, then when she made him try, she sat there patiently with just a stack of evenlopes between them. Then when Daddy didn't understand, Aunt Dorie Kay shook her head, then rested her forehead on her hands. She had given up on showing him, and decided to call Brother Davis, offering to exchange services. And when she bought the TV, she explained how to turn how the volume to hear it. "Volume," Aunt Dorie Kay explained as she adjusted the knob that lowered the sound.

While back at home, Tiger goes to the nursery to help her father work while her mother stays at home. One day while working Tiger’s father say’s a storm is coming, while the other workers laughed at him, the Thompsons believed him. “Just as he predicted, the storm does come. Tiger races home and finds out that her mother went out in the storm to find her. Tiger finds her mother and for the first time feels like her mother is like everyone else, she has the mother's ins


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