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dead island performance plz help!!?

so i have a crappy computer, and i'd like to know how to get the best performance out of the game, but i can't change to a lower resolution than 1024x768. does anyone know how? or can you give me the lowest settings so i can edit video.scr?

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    you can try this: go in My Documents\Dead Island\out\Settings Here, you'll find a files named Video.scr Windows 7 will recognize this file as a screensaver file, so you need to open it with a file editor such as Notepad(rename .txt). You can do this by dragging and dropping the Video.scr file to Notepad or using Notepad and navigating to the directory. Remember to change the dropdown to look for "All files" if you do this. you will see this:

    !Resolution(i,i) <<========== change for 1024x768 = !Resolution(1024,768)


    !Monitor(i) // -1 primary monitor


    !FSAA(i) // Full Screen AntiAliasing, 0 - none, higher is better


    !TextureQuality(s) // VeryLow, Low, High

    !Filtering(s) // Bilinear, Trilinear, Anisotropic, AnisotropicTrilinear



    !Shadows(s) // Low, High





    !VSync() // enable vertical sync <<<<<<just add another line with !VSync()

    !MaterialQuality(i) // lower is better


    i dont know if will work, but you can try!! i use this to active vsync

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