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How old was Leonardo DiCaprio while filming This Boy's Life?

He was born in '74 and the movie came out in '93. How old was he when it was shot? Assuming they shot it the year before it was released, he would be 17-18 (not sure about his birth date, only the year), but he looks and sounds like a preteen. Was it perhaps shot in '91 when he was around sixteen?

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    DiCaprio born November 1974

    "This Boy's Life" released April 1993

    DiCaprio was 18 years of age; going on 19.

    Source(s): Went to Wikipedia for the actor and for the movie.
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    How Old Is Leo Dicaprio

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    Your math doesnt add up up there! he was born in 74, not 71.....hes not 40 yet.

    So he was picked to do the movie in 92 by robert deniro himself.....released in 93.

    so he was 17/ he matured late and has a baby face.

    I mean this picture is from 2000 and he looks 16-19 and hes 26. lol

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