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Who likes Type O Negative?

Type O Negative is ******* awesome!!!

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    In all honesty, Type O Negative is my favorite band of all.

    I've been a big fan ever since I was a kid.

    I'm crazy over that band and their music and it's a crying shame that Peter passed away last year.

    Out of all the people, he had to be one of them. I was so looking forward to the follow up to Dead Again, which I loved.

    Pete was sober again, just signed a record deal with Napalm, and was ready for world domination.

    I even heard rumors of another Carnivore album.

    Unfortunately, this never happened. We are left with 7 incredible TON albums and 2 incredibly raw Carnivore albums. His legacy, really.

    God bless Peter Steele, his music, his guidance on Dead Again, and his sense of humor.

    He was a genius, a real character. I don't think enough people realize that.

    Johnny Kelly and Kenny Hickey are still on the scene because they're career musician.

    I have my doubts of ever seen Josh Silver in the music scene ever again.

    The man is a paramedic in Brooklyn, now. He wasn't even with TON on their final tour.

    Ironically enough, Scot Warren, DIO's keyboardist took Josh's place on that tour.

    If you like Type O Negative, you should check out A Pale Horse Named Death.

    It's Sal Abruscato's band. Sal was the first drummer for TON.

    Sal learned how to play drums from Carnivore's Lou Beateaux and basically learned everything he knows about music from Peter. So, in a way, A Pale Horse Named Death is an extension of Peter's legacy even though it's the brain child of Sal.

    Sal is the composer, rhythm guitar and lead singer for APHND.

    Johnny Kelly plays drums for them.

    Here are some songs.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    You should also check out Kenny and Johnny's other band Seventh Void.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Seventh Void has been around since 2003 (Dimebag Darrel was crazy about them) but they didn't release their album until 2009.

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    Josh Silver Paramedic

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    10 years ago

    I like their version of Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young, and I f*ckin' HATE Neil Young!

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    Yes I would consider myself a fan, my favorite song is black no 1

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    That's not completely wrong

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