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boyfriend drove my car and got into accident?

We were going on a 2 hour drive and i normally let him drive my car. I was in the car w/ him also. He switched lanes and hit the car in the right side near their door. It left a few scratches and a dent in their car while my car received the most damage. My question is will my car insurance cover the victim's car? My boyfriend lives with me and he has his own car and own insurance policy while I am on an insurance policy w/ my parents and brother. I was going to just pay for my car damage out of pocket. Should I even report to my insurance since I'm going to pay for the damage to MY car myself? The victim called the police and has a police report and most likely is going to call his insurance & mine. My boyfriend was at fault and received a moving violation ticket. We live in Florida. What if my car insurance won't cover the victim's car?


read some one your answers. My boyfriend always offers to pay for damage and etc. but I just so happen to not want him to because we been together for 6 years and its really not a big deal. His money is mine and mine is his. It goes to the same place. & also to the guy saying I'm committing insurance fraud. No I'm not because we live with my parents. My address is their address. The only thing is my boyfriend lives with us like i previously said in my above stated question if you read it correctly. He has his own insurance and car. So unless that is fraud then I guess.

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  • 10 years ago
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    call your insurance company and tell them what happened. my insurance company told me, the insurance travels with the car, not the person driving the car. my insurance co. USAA also covers damage to someone else's property. but it all depends on the amount of insurance you signed up for, and your deductible. you have the option, usually, after you check into everything, to file the claim or to pay for it yourself, even if you discuss it with the insurance company. have your parents call and ask these questions if you don't want to. also ask what the other person's insurance will cover, but in general if it's "your' fault, your company will pay for both cars. since there is a police report, and the other party will call the company, you may as well call them yourself and ask all these questions. also, insurance rates go up, usually depending on the number of incidents reported over time, not the amount the accidents cost.

    Source(s): USAA New York State
  • wHO
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    10 years ago

    If he was driving he should pay for the damages.

    Why would you pay anything? If he's a man he will gladly have your car fixed and make things right with all parties involved.

    Florida is a No Fault state your insurance policy covers you. The other persons insurance covers her. Her insurance pays for her car and her person.

    Your insurance only covers YOU driving the vehicle. If he is on your policy then okay if not then you pay nothing. If he has insurance in his name it goes on his insurance. This is a matter for civil courts and he needs to pay for his mistake.

    I've never been in an accident so I am just reading and guessing and going by hearsay.

    Source(s): it's only an opinion and we all have them
  • Florida is a no fault state. Meaning the other driver files with his insurance company and they in turn go after yours. Since you have two insurance companies they will contact both. You need to call your agent asap. I had an accident in my daughters car and almost a year later my insurance was sued. So the guy I slid imto got paid twice.

    Source(s): I'm in Orlando.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You're insurance should cover the accident........but ................You are committing insurance fraud by being "on your parents insurance" if you don't live with them but are instead shacked up with some "stick". . If you want to be shacked up and be immoral in that way, at least be honest and forthright to your insurance company.

    If your insurance company finds out what you have been pulling they have a right to deny coverage

    Don't ever lie to an insurance company

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  • keri
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    5 years ago

    I was wondering much the same thing

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    thank you for the answers, much appreciated.

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