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How historically factual is this video?

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    There are some omissions and distortions in the video you've cited, but much of the content is quite factual. Interestingly enough, a brand new President Obama spoke in Cairo, Egypt before a vast audience of Muslims (and before the world via television) of U.S. clandestine involvement in the 1950s "regime change" and then was behind the assassination of the supposedly "U.S.-friendly" person our CIA had chosen to lead Iran. I suggest you look up the entire text of the brilliantly nuanced Cairo speech from early 2009 and see how this history was woven into the Obama administration's foreign policy initiatives.

    Omitted was the fact that our CIA tried to set up an assassination of Saddam Hussein by the Kurds in Iraq during the Reagan/Bush years---an attempt that failed, although two of Saddam's bodyguards were killed. The PR firm Hill & Knowlton in Washington D.C. was used by Reagan/Bush, then Bush/Quayle, and Bush/Cheney kept them on retainer to falsely convince the American people that our CIA dupe and "best buddy" in the Middle East was "a villain" (Rossi, 2005; "60 Minutes" segment just after the lie-based first Gulf War). When Saddam, like any good dictator would do, retaliated with great force against the CIA-backed Kurds, the Bush/Quayle administration then propagandized the retaliation for the assassination attempt to suggest the assault on the Kurds was "unprovoked"...NOT TRUE, but pushed by Faux "news" and other right-wing media outlets.

    Banking Chairman Henry Gonzalez (D-TX) spent hours on the House floor during Special Orders reading into the record the Reagan/Bush and Bush/Quayle misuse of the Agriculture Department for illegally funneling weapons to the Middle East and to Iraq especially, which Saddam Hussein then promptly sold to his neighbors to balance the harsh sanctions imposed prior to and during the Gulf War. Even the so-called attack on Iran by Iraq was CIA-orchestrated...Saddam Hussein was our CIA's patsy. Jimmy Carter did NOT try to "stage an overthrow"---that is a lie. What Jimmy Carter did do is try to rescue the hostages...and then came the CIA/Bush-orchestrated "October Surprise" designed to steal an election away from Carter---Bush Sr. arranged to have the rescue attempt made known to the Iranians so that the rescue would FAIL and make Jimmy Carter appear weak in an election year, and a behind-the-scenes deal (Iran-Contra) was struck (by Bush Sr. and the Contras) that would have the hostages released only after figurehead Reagan was voted into office, in exchange for arming the Contras illegally. That part was left out of your video.

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    I am afraid it is factual. But that is not what American news reported. Most of those facts can now be viewed in the archives but Americans are not that interested. But they were reported by foreign news caster across Europe. If you could not read the news in other languages, you could not have known it. No, those who know more than one language can corroborate it by going to the archives of foreign news papers. Back them it was what it was and Americans were feared. It is not like that now. Americans may be hated around the world and they may have a reason.

    But, the American populace are really ignorant of what their government had done in the past. But, also we must look at the good Americans have also done during those times.

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