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what does mean in the end of a internet browser?

I have recently found a site where I can get a 400 dollar item for 200 but I don't know if its a scam, dos anyone know what this means?

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    Favorite Answer sites are based in the Cocos Islands, a small island chain in the South Pacific whose domains are a favorite of scammers and are often infected with malware as they are free. There is NO reason for any legitimate site to be based there

    Look how many fraudulent domains have been reported on just this one site

    "For the last weeks (actually months), we’ve been tracking a large number of malware from domains. It seems that every domain we find is being used to host either malware or spam."

    If you have clicked on the site you need to run a malware scan right away and there is NO way I would buy from any site for any reason

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