What's good community service project for someone who isn't a people person?

To be blatantly honest, I'm a social awkward misanthrope. What's a good community service project for me?

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    What do you know how to do? Many nonprofits would love to have someone who can do the non-public support stuff vs the stuff everyone things is fun like handing out Christmas toys. I know we would. If you have skills like web design, computer work either data entry, word processing, or fixing them when they mess up, publicity writing, filing, statistics book keeping wonderful. If not you can still put food on shelves or sweep and mop floors at a food pantry or food bank, (see http://feedingamerica.org/ for places near you), pick up litter (not glamorous but very needed not just on streets but parks, wildlife areas, etc. ), help clean pens at an animal shelter or a petting zoo, sort clothes to be given to people in need, help clean a senior center kitchen, make things for a charity craft or bake sale, haul stuff to yard sale or charity thrift store, help at a community garden, shovel snow at a senior center, clean up after a charity event - don't be surprised if the nonprofit director looks at you like you came down from heaven when you offer to do stuff like that almost everyone wants to set up and serve during events and the by then exhausted director or event manager is there afterwards struggling to deal with the resulting mess. Check out http:www.volunteermatch.org or call United Way in your area to ask about a volunteer bureau.

    Source(s): 17 yrs as director of Caring Hands Ministries a helping nonprofit has taught me the value of people who help with behind the scenes things
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    i set up a flee-marketplace once, charged for the 12 x 14 area, and donated the $ to the close by jaycee financial disaster. I were given the empty parking zone donated from a small mall that became closed on sunday's

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