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i got raped by my teacher?

i am in school and i am only 14 years old. my biology teacher told me stay after class cause he wanted to talk to me about something. when i got there he looked the door. i asked him why he did that. then he just started to kiss me. he touched me in places that i would never want to be touched again by on of my teachers. he kept on telling me that he loved me. it was so scary that i started to cry. but when he started to strip me is when i started to scream hoping to get someones attention. it was the end of the day so. he was done in about 30 minutes he got dressed and told me to hurry up and get dressed. i was all shaky and i was still crying. he told me to get out. i got out and if i told anyone about that he would go to my house and do more. i am so scared i dont know what to do. help

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    You need to tell your parents, so that they can take you to the hospital. Until they get home, do not take a shower. Also make sure you call the police and the school principal to tell them what is going on. Remember that he will do this again if he is not stoped.

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    Your situation is very complicated, but I have a very good solution for it.

    In the next day, you MUST tell everybody about what happened, do not only tell your parents, because trust me, the delay for them to solve the problem is GRAND. Anyway, first tell your parents, and refuse to go to school, if anything happens that gets you INTO school, tell everybody around you about what happened, and then go to the office or whatever has school administrators, and report the problem. DO NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go to biology class, because there is a very good chance he'll get the idea of performing that actions again. Skip biology, ditch it, or do anything not to go. If you get in trouble for ditching, then just tell the people why you don't want to go.

    I really hope that this helps your situation, because your situation is very horrific, and must be solved without delay.

    Edit: Also, if he says anything that lives up to his threats, call 911. Police arrive at school systems quickly, and he has a good chance of being under custody.

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    If this is actually true, I'd tell your parents, and get them onto the police immediately, yahoo answers is no place to get this sorted. Obviously rape is a serious allegation to make about someone, so at first peope may be slow to believe you. Really it's a choice that is up to you, who do you trust most? Tell them, they will only want the best for you. Although his threats are probably just fake, to stop you telling, I'd make sure you are always with someone, and at home with a parent or brother/sister.

    I hope you are safe and get this clearly major problem sorted soon, Minifig666

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    First of all, I am so sorry you had to go through that.

    First you need to tell your parents, they will keep the secret safe because they want to protect you.

    Second, you will need to go to the cops but keep it annoynmus.

    It may be scary..but he will have a restraining order and will go to jail. He will be far away where he could never touch you again.

    If you want to switch schools because of the pain and memories talk to your parents about it. Also a therapist would be helpful if you need to talk more about it, or even a trusted adult or friend.

    Either or :) but I wish you a lot of luck!

    Source(s): 17 year old girl.
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    You probably feel weird about hugging George because he's a male and a male raped you so ya.... Also I hope that teacher gets arrested.

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    Make a report to the pricipal!

    Tell your parents!

    Call the police!

    He needs to pay for this, have nothing to do with him and do not go back to his classes. Once you make those reports, he should be fired and put in jail. Just talk to your parents/loved one A.S.A.P. Try some deep breathing to calm down and you might have to speak to a counselor along with trustworthy friends and family to help you cope with the trauma.

    For now, be strong, you're not alone. Do not be afraid to speak. Good luck! :)

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    If you are serious about this post and this is not a joke then you need to tell someone right now. Preferably the police. You need to tell your parents about this right now. Please tell them, otherwise he will hurt someone else or may even try to hurt you again.

    Ian you were not there and have no idea how she did handle this or how she should have handled this. In essence you are blaming her by saying next time fight back. This is NOT her fault and she is NOT to blame for any of it.

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    Report it to the police and they will arrest the teacher. And if he comes to your house, you have parents to protect you.

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    Tell your parents

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    didn't`t take a shower? good, go to the police.

    took a shower? have any wounds that can be photographed? you still might be able to prove its him.

    No defensive, or offensive wounds? then your **** out of luck and word of advice for next time,


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