Does she like Me? If so did I really Mess up?

There is this girl that I met on the opening day of college (I met like 100 people that day I still cant get there names straight). But I forgot her name shortly after meeting her. I was walking to class one day, she stopped me and said she saw me in her math class and wanted me to sit by her during it with a smile on her face. So I show up to math early the next day sit down with two open seats next to me, and a girl I know from high school saw me and came and sat down next to me. Then a girl who I met over the summer came and sat down in the other open seat.( I have no feelings for either of these girls) The girl Who wanted me to sit by her walked into class right after extremely happy saw me sitting next to two other girls and her face dropped and she went and sat on the opposite end of the class room. Later that night I was out to dinner with my sister( who I don't exactly look like). While standing in line, My sister was in the restroom, this girl who wanted me to sit next to her in math saw me walked up to say hi, but my sister walked back right then, she saw her and just walked away... Does she like me, and did I mess up bad if she does?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yeah she shows all the signs of liking you dude. You didn't really mess up, since you couldn't help it :P But she seems jealous to me, which isn't a problem and can be mended. You just gotta speak to her in person and say you tried to save her a seat but some friends of yours took them :) Even going up to speak to her will show you have interest, just next time actually save her a seat ;)

  • 9 years ago

    Awwww, well from the details you're giving it really seems like she does. And she probably thinks you're not interested in her since you seem to be interested into those other girls (even if you have no feelings for them). If you like her too, or are maybe interested in getting to know her more you should talk to her. Go up and say hi during math. Assure her that you ARE interested and that you meant to sit with her last class, but some other friends sat next to you instead. Sit by her next class, and be nice. She probably is just jealous... It's hard for girls to not get jealous when a guy they like is with other girls... But it's alright! You can fix this; Good luck! :)

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