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Okay so if me and my bf had sex last night and he ejaculated inside me but my period should come on in a few days ... im hopeing that im not pregnant .. but what are the chances ????

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    You can get pregnant ANYTIME you have sex. You should take Plan B if you do not want to be pregnant. It works up to three days, 72 hours, within having sex. It works better the sooner you use it. Next time use condoms.

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    Hmmm, hate to tell you, but your chances of being pregnant are very high. Every woman is different, of course, but the week before your period is usually a very fertile time for most women.

    Source(s): That's exactly how I got pregnant :)
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    66 percent chance a getting pregnant

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    9 years ago

    get plan b just to be on the safe side.

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