Careful sex with condom and no ejaculation but missed period?

My girlfriend (age 17) had her period on july 27th. she is usually due on the 18th but each month she said she was getting later and later. abnormal cycles are normal for her fyi. her and myself had sex with a brand new condom for 20 minutes, we took a break and i put a new one on right away to be safe. i never ejaculated at all that day, inside her, outside of her, no where near her. we continued for another 20 minutes and that was it. she never got her august period that was due. she did however spot a little roughly around the time she was due. she has been under a lot of stress (new school year, new job, clubs before and after school, work after school, me leaving for college (im 18). she lost her virginity to me at the beginning of july and i read that that can throw off a girls cycle for a long time until she gets used to sex. also, a friend told me that a girl can spot instead of getting a normal period if the cycle is abnormal. she has no symptoms of anything, no cramps, no sore chest, ..i know there shouldn't be anything for us to worry about but i just need some peace of mind. can someone help me relax a bit and fill me in on anything they know to help convince my mind that she is not pregnant? she isnt on the pill by the way.

thank you so much for your time


AmericanGunHistory-try reading a little more carefully....i said i used a brand new condom

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  • 9 years ago
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    My bad. But if you didnt ejaculate and you were wearing a condom I would say its 0% chance of getting her pregnant as it takes sperm. there are alot of reasons girls could miss their period.

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