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Saltwater Aquarium Help!?

okay so i have everything for a reef aquarium... EXCEPT water.... what should i use tap water and use water clarifyer for it or should i just get a WHOLE lot of distilled water? i have heard many of both answers and need a clear answer. any advise is helpful.

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    For a reef aquarium you should go with distilled or RO filtered water.

    Reason is that tap water may have all sorts of random minerals and chemicals dissolved in it. Not enough to harm hardy freshwater fish that are used to that sort of thing, but it can play havoc with sensitive corals, or cause blooms of algae that smother them.

    By using pure water, and only adding the correct marine salt mix, then you end up with pure artifical sea water. Not sea water + whatever random crud is in your tap water.

    You might get away with using tap water, IF you have very clean water coming from your tap. But most city water supplies are not really that good.


    Edit: The other answers have missed the "Saltwater Reef" part of the question. Distilled water is bad for a freshwater aquarium as it has zero dissolved minerals. But for your marine tank, all the correct minerals are in your salt mix. Add that to the pure water, and it's perfect.

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    If you want the best possible water to use then you will want reverse osmosis water. many dealers can supply a unit to make this or some you can take bottles and collect from. be aware that RO water and possibly distilled(ive never used distilled myself) need "rebuilding" in otherwords adding minerals ie hardness back into the water or you will not hold the ph and hardness you will require for a reef set up. i would definately recommend you look into RO water and purifiers they make the world of difference to reef set ups.

    If you do use tap water you will need at the very least to run it through an ion exchange unit which are relatively cheap but i wouldnt on a reef set up myself.

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    Never used distilled water. The treatments they put it through will be of no beneficial use to your aquarium. Tap water has natural nutriens and minerals found where it's harvested, so use tap water, mix in your salt, and put it in your aquarium:)

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    Tap water has minerals in it which occur in nature. Never use distilled.

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