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How can I face this fear of mine, this is currently my greatest fear?

I used to be a bit of a slut in the past. Now I am really trying to change, but the more I change it seems like a lot of guys I used to hook up with keep showing up at of nowhere. I thought I would never see them again. Last week, I somehow came in contact with the two guys I hooked up with. I never thought I would see either of them again. I am very scared of the last guy I hooked up with. He has so much against, I know how malicious he can be. He has bragged about his ability to make any girl cry. I am afraid of him embarrassing me in public or saying something very disrespectful towards. I have not ran into him yet but something just tells me I will. I can feel it.

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    Hi, Topaz,

    No reason to live in fear over this jerk. It's not what he says, but how you react that's really going to matter. If he's known for making girls cry, people will already know how malicious he can be. When he says slanderous things about you, they'll know not to accept them as being true, as long as you don't own them.

    Think of how it must be for a reformed Alcoholic or Drug Addict when someone brings up their past. Some folks just hold their heads up proudly and say 'That's right, but I don't do that any more.'

    W.C. Fields once replied to a woman who accused him of being drunk 'Yes, but I'll be sober in the morning, but you'll still be ugly!'

    It would be just great if you could confront him and, instead of crying, say 'If that all you've got?'

    To make a long story longer, not reacting to bullies like this guy takes the wind out of their sails.

    As I said before, there's no reason to live in fear. He's just an insecure little boy - Don't forget to remind him how tiny his little thing is, too!!

    Your Pal,


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    if you do meet him, just act as if you do not know him and walk away. or either move to another town or city so you, can really start your life over with out seeing any of them again. if you can change your name, and change the way you look. such as change your hair stile and hair color as also the type of cloths you wear. that may also help. but you should also think about moving to another place to live which should be far away if you are serous about starting your life over.

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    Juust pretend u never met him before

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    There no answer for this!

    Source(s): Its your fault for being a slut!
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