plllleaseeee helpp...allergies!?!?

I was in TN on vacation and the day before i left i was feeling sick....then i had to go on the plane with a stuffy nose! but all of this is allergies! and now i home and still with a runny and stuffy nose! any suggestions?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I've talked with several people who have had their allergies turn into sinus infections. Hopefully that isn't your problem. TN has some high ragweed counts that might have gotten you started.

    First thing I would do is rinse out my sinuses with warm salt water. That will clean all the crud out. Then see if the symptoms come back. If they do, ask a pharmacist for a suggestion based on the symptoms. If OTC medicine doesn't help after a few days, see a doctor. You may have an infection.

    By the way, when you got home, did you turn on the heat? If so, and it is the first time for the season, it may be the stuff in the heater that is causing allergy symptoms.

    Source(s): TN resident
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