What to do when I'm spending my teenage years taking care of kids?

My sister has 2 kids (2yrs, 6yrs) and so does my brother (infant, 5yrs). Everyday I always have to watch someone and it fully stresses me out because its like they are my children and my responsibility. I am discouraged to join clubs, sports, or work to make enough money for things I likely need. My sister has tennis, work, and school but I guess its all more important. My brother works hard but doesn't really reward me. Babysitting is becoming more intense in my life right now. I see my sister's kids everyday and my brother's sometimes weekdays. What to do?


Forgot to mention that if I refuse to babysit I get privileges taken away such as car or ride to school and whatever else provided for me

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  • 9 years ago
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    How old are you? You need to speak to a parent and tell them how you are feeling. It's not right that you have to have such big responsibilities put on you and since if you don't do it you can't get a ride to school, you sound young so it shouldn't be your responsibility. If your brother and your sister decided to have children with their partners, then they should of figured out what they were going to do if they are at work. Having children is a responsibility but it isn't your responsibility its the parents.

    You do need to speak to someone and say you want to do other things and you feel like it is making you miss out on a lot of stuff. Come to an agreement where you only have to babysit 2 times a week or something instead of everyday which that is a bit much. Don't just let it go by and not say anything, you have to speak up and tell your parents how it's making you feel. If you get your privileges taken away, try and find alternative things for yourself.

    Good luck! :]

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    5 years ago

    I think this is something most parents worry about. At least, they do if they care about their relationship with their children. The teenage years are a turbulent time for many families, but you can do a number of things to maintain your good relationship with your daughter. It sounds like you are on the right track already. I agree with you...giving them too much responsibility too early is asking for trouble, so keep protecting your daughter. As she gets older, slowly increase her freedom and responsibilities, always discussions options with her and let her know how much you trust her. Listen to her without being judgemental when she talks to you, treat her with respect and take her opinions seriously, even ask for her opinion - these things will make her feel trusted and respected, and is great role modelling for her. You can always point out to her if she does become disrespectful or rebellious, that you have always treated her with respect and trust, and that you expect the same in return. Make sure the limits you set are reasonable, discuss them with her, and be prepared to compromise on the less important things. Explain that everyone in a family has a responsibility to each other for safety reasons. Tell her where you go and leave her with contact no.s so she understands that even adults need to be accountable for their whereabouts. This helps teenagers realise that you are not checking up on them, but simply being a loving family. My son is 19 now and I am a single parent (have been for years), and we have a close, loving relationship. He is a mature and responsible young adult and we've made it through the teenage years with very little problems. Good luck to you.

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    i am in the exact same situation as you, except the kids I watch are my siblings.

    i am a senior in high school, and i turn 18 next june and i dont plan to continue babysitting. it has prevented me from getting a normal job, and having a normal social life. it sucks being forced to do something.... but if i were you, i would talk to your mom about your siblings kids, and maybe she could help out so you aren't the one primarily watching them. i suppose there isnt much else you can do because you kind of cant say no.

    good luck /:

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You can say no... whos gonna force you to watch children... you got to have a life to. At least you know now to wait to have children lol. Enjoy your fun and tell em so.

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